September 14, 2015

Listen To Juan Epstein

If you need some nerdy, hip hop, comedy podcasts in your life while you cook, workout or waste away your life sitting on public transport, then listen to the gold that is Juan Epstein. It's the best shit-talking time-waster the internet has to offer.

Hosts Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg have interviewed everyone from Ice Cube and MCA of the Beastie Boys to heavy-chested porn stars and Rhys fuckin' Darby. In their words it's 'the place to go if you want to hear stories you have never heard, hear people react to and answer questions you can't believe anyone would have the nerve to ask. These are some of the most unique interviews you ever will hear.'

Below is a list of some of the better episodes I've enjoyed while drying dishes and lifting weights off my chest:

Jay-Z (2010)
Questlove & Chris Rock (2014)
A-Trak (2015)
Salaam Remi (2015) 
Bill Burr (2010)
Kanye West (2013)
Fat Joe (2008)
Aziz (2011)
Aziz (2012)

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