October 30, 2011

People Are Awesome

ft. flips, jumps, helicopters and a lot of soccer football.

Halloween Costumes

Officer booty. Don’t make her pop da trunk.

Your kid's a sucker

Baby T-Rex

Rape victim costume

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Hip Hop Horror Samples

HipHopDX breaks down the top ten best horror movie theme song samples in Hip Hop. Featuring gems from Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Cage and of course Necro and Three 6 Mafia.

LINK: Hip Hop's Best Horror Movie Theme Samples

Immortal Technique - The Martyr

Features Cornel West, Chuck D, Styles P, Dead Prez, Joell Ortiz, Brother Ali, Killer Mike, Vinnie Paz, Poison Pen, and more. Production by J. Dilla, DJ Green Lantern, Southpaw, Shuko, Slim Fass, Engineer and Immortal Technique.

1. Burn This
2. The Martyr
3. Angels & Demons f. dead prez (Prod DJ GreenLantern)
4. Rich Man’s World (1%) 
5. Toast to the Dead (Prod. J.Dilla)
6. Eyes in the Sky f. Mojo of Dujeous
7. Goonies f. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez
8. Natural Beauty f. Mela Machinko
9. Running Nowhere (Interlude)
11. Mark of The Beast f. Akir & Beast 1333 
12. Black Vikings f. StylesP, Vinnie Paz & Poison Pen
13. Conquerors (with Dr. John Henrik Clarke)
14. Young Lords f. Joell Ortiz, Pumpkinhead, CF & Panama Alba
15. Ultimas Palabras
16. Sign of the Times f. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai & Cornel Wes

DOWNLOAD: Immortal Technique - The Martyr

October 28, 2011

October 26, 2011

The NBA Comes To Australia

Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant and 14 other NBA All-Stars are setting off on a global tour, which includes two games in Melbourne.

The 6-game tour tips off in Puerto Rico on October 30 before heading for two games in London and another in Macau. Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena will host the final two exhibition matches of the tour on November 8 and 9.

Thanks NBA lock-out.

LINK: NBA Super Tour

Will Sessions - Real Sessions [Live]

Before reinterpreting the music for a pretty well known classic hip hop album from NY, Will Sessions produced a series of wildly successful live shows for Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and Black Milk in their hometown of Detroit in 2009 and 2010. The band had performed dozens of times in previous years within multiple genres–namely funk, jazz, and afrobeat–but had never tackled hip hop until these shows. Real Sessions revisits those performances with 10 selected live recordings showcasing their full 8-piece band recrafting beats from Madlib, J Dilla, Black Milk, Mr. Porter, and Nick Speed; with DJ Dez providing his trademark cuts and scratches.

Recorded to multi-track, fully mixed and mastered.

DOWNLOAD: Will Sessions - Real Sessions

October 25, 2011

NZ Drink Driving Ad

Casting, comedy, art direction, music and locations are all fucking great...it's just, Monique was a lil' bit av. Probably should have got Chardonnay.

October 20, 2011

Method Man Breaks Down 25 Of His Songs

Complex got Method Man to take part in one of their “25 Essentials” breakdowns and the outcome is one for the ages as Meth spills all kinds of info long held deep within the 36 Chambers.

Here's an excerpt from the Meth-Biggie collab, 'The What'
“We get to the studio. Puffy wants to play torture. I remember I said something to him, ‘I’ll fucking liquidate all your fucking assets.’ It was a good one. Puff’s always been a cool brother. I’ve never seen him uncomfortable, with the exception of the Source Awards. [Laughs.] He kind of stammered a little when he went up there like, ‘I’m the artist that umm...umm.’

“Contrary to what everybody thinks, Big sat there and wrote his verse on paper. I sat down and I wrote my shit on paper. The reason I know this is because he told me, ‘I need you to say this line right here.’ I was like, ‘What line, Big?’ He was like, ‘I’ve got more Glocks and tecs than you / I make it hot, niggas won’t even stand next to you.’ I was like, ‘I got you.’

“After he did that with me, when I wrote my second verse, I was like, ‘Damn, now I gotta put him in my verse and shit.’ So, ‘Stop, look and listen,’ was all I had for him. That shit was done fast and shit.

“Next thing I know, I hear it on the radio. I’m like, ‘Whoa. Niggas feeling that shit? Wait until they hear this shit.’ I knew Big had some shit on his album so I was like, ‘They’re going to lose they fucking minds!’

“Rae and Ghost weren’t really rocking with Big. But me and Big were cool. Anytime we were all in the same area and my goons would go by and not say shit to the nigga, he would still speak. That’s why I loved the nigga. I would go over to Big and be like, ‘What’s good, my nigga?’ and kick it with him. I knew the shit bothered him but he never showed me that it bothered him. In the same sense, I showed him that, ‘Look, that’s how certain individuals feel and shit, but me and you, we good.’ I think he respected that shit.

“If you look in hindsight, Rae’s done a fucking joint dedicated to Biggie. He’s saying in the record, ‘It wasn’t even that we ain’t like you, nigga. It was the competition at the point in time.’ That’s exactly what it was. They weren’t rocking with him and it was just the competition of the moment. Rae is the same type of nigga he was. If anything, I think them niggas should have done a joint together. Fuck me and Big, Rae and Big would have been Watch The Throne"

LINK: Method Man Breaks Down His 25 Most Essential Songs

Remote Control Flying Sharks


London's Public Art Gallery

October 14, 2011

Andrew Lancaster Taxidermy

Andrew Lancaster created these hilariously creepy taxidermy mash-ups, and sold them to people on Trade Me. The images are not photoshoped. They're real.

October 11, 2011

Paper Zoo

Someone with more talent than you has created these amazingly detailed pieces of art out of basic paper. None of this heavy stock nonsense. This is the cheap thin stuff that your kids draw family stick figure portraits on. Pretty, pretty amazing. He's also looking for a girlfriend.

Councils Are Dicks

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The Girl Who Likes To Levitate

Girls and gays take these pictures all the time, but this girl does it in a way that doesn't feel forced.

Page Corner Bookmarks

If you don't like to fold the page corners, or you just want your kids to read more you might appreciated this. Click the link below to learn how to make them.

LINK: How To Make Page Corners

Buy This Book

'Root For The Villain: Rap, Bullshit And A Celebration Of Failure'  by J-Zone

Press Release: Yawn. Another book from another musician. Let’s guess: He rose from the depths of hell with his talent and went big time. He changed the face of music and made millions. Yeah, a few drug addiction, arrest, and STD stories are sporadically sprinkled throughout for excitement and authenticity, but at the end of it all, he finished his ride a musical legend. He finally gave up dressing room groupies and nose candy; he currently resides with his wife and the children that aren’t illegitimate in Calabasas, CA.

[Insert snoring]

Who can really relate to that shit besides other successful musicians? My name is J-Zone. If you actually know who the hell I am, either you listen to way too much rap music, you’re a Tim Dog fan, or you stood outside my distributor’s warehouse the day my CDs and records were destroyed. I was on the hip-hop come-up, then I came down – hard. Splat. Some critical success, incessant praise from pop stars and hip-hop legends alike, and then…abysmal commercial failure. I did tours on Greyhound buses filled with wide-bodied, Jheri curled women and knife-wielding gang members. I witnessed my life-long passion for music dissolve in 12 hours and my final album sell a whopping 47 copies in its first month for sale. I left my little-known spot in a small, niche quadrant of the hip-hop world and joined my fellow overqualified stiffs with useless college degrees in the world of dead end jobs. For some sick reason, I find all of the above hilarious and have made an omelette out of any egg that wound up on my face.

I pin my cross-hairs on everyday bullsh*t just as accurately as I do the dysfunctional ways of the music biz. I ask the public at large questions like “Are men the new women?” and “Is going out on Friday night worth it when you’re a socially homeless man in a deceptively segregated New York City?” Chapters dedicated to cassette tapes, defunct record stores, the SP-1200 sampling drum machine, hip-hop recording studios of the 1990s, and overlooked rap artists like The Afros, Mob Style, and No Face all point to my fascination with the obscure. You may also enjoy this book if any of these eight statements speak to you:

October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

Steve Jobs, one of the crazy one's, died after a battle with cancer aged 56. Above is a very inspirational speech he gave to graduates of Stanford University in 2005.

October 3, 2011

Nickel Carving

The term 'Hobo Nickel' describes any small-denomination coin that people carve to create miniature faces. It started sometime in the 18th century but continues to this day; There’s even an entire society dedicated to the art of nickel carving.

Draw A Stickman

This is only awesome if after you draw a stickman, you only draw dicks. Click the link below and do it.

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Russian Boom Sounds


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Imperial March Played By Two Floppy Disk Drives.

Star Wars go hard

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Improvised Unicycle In China

China don't waste nothing.

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Arrested Development Is Back!!!

Thanks to all the Arrested Development nerds who complained and complained to TV execs we now have a new season, and a movie on the go for next year. Chur.

For all of you who don't know, this show is The Wire of comedy. It tanked in the TV ratings but blew-up in DVD sales. 

LINK: Arrested Development Is Back

Warriors Lose

Couldn't bring myself to post highlights of the whole game. Enjoy the hits instead.