May 31, 2013

K-Rino - Grand Deception [video]

One of the better Illuminati conspiracy songs I've ever heard, by K-Rino (who?). Obviously, take everything that's being said with a grain of salt.
Shot DLT

May 30, 2013

Robin Van Persie & Friends Shatter School-Aged Kids Confidence

Man U's Robin Van Persie, along with Sparta Rotterdam's Karim Touzani and Tonny Vihena of Feyenoord, took it upon themselves to humiliate some children with a series of deft flicks, outrageous turns and maddening nutmegs. Wow.

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De La Soul - Get Away [video]

Pos & Dave's Wu-Tang Forever intro rap gets the visual treatment. Buy Get Away at iTunes.

May 27, 2013

Awe Shot

Jason Silva uses 3 minutes worth of words to tell you he's in awe of everything while also, maybe, smoking in the forrest.

Big Ol' Butt Live With Three Big Butts

A young LL Cool J performs/lip-syncs live on Night Music TV, back in '88. Dude was licking his lips even back then.

A Talented Bear Interlude

Cool, until the day it rips your face off.

May 24, 2013

Miguel's Leg Drop And All The Best Memes

Miguel got his Hulk Hogan on and leg dropped the shit out of some poor little white girls at some terrible music award show. Video of the incident above. Memes below.

May 18, 2013

This Clip Is Called 'Amazing Video Weirdness' For A Reason

Watch this awkward PSA, B-movie violence mash-up now. It'll either make your day or you'll never visit this site again. And if you really, really like what you see you can look up the movie titled 'Mystics in Bali' that the majority of the footage is sourced from.

May 16, 2013

Posterizing. It's The New Planking.

Looks like dude took good charge to me?

How To Piss Off Every New Yorker In 36 Seconds

This video could also be called, 'Tourists in New York.'

Abercrombie & Fitch Street Wear. Literally.

Just like Chinese food, Abercrombie & Fitch makes Greg Karber sick. So he's decided to donate A&F gears to homeless people in an effort to make the brand less 'cool.'

Shot Simon

Sorry About This Erotic Japanese Pop Art Thing

Keiichi Tanaami, born in 1936 in Tokyo, is one of the leading pop artists of postwar Japan, and has been active as multi-genre artist since the 1960s as a graphic designer, illustrator, video artist and fine artist.

May 15, 2013

Some Stories You Haven't Heard About 2Pac & Biggie

Snoop opens up on his conflict with 2Pac, his last meeting with BIG, Death Row and that mid-90s coastal beef that was kind of a big deal.
Skip through to 11.30.

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May 14, 2013

Arrested Development - Season 4 Trailer

It's fair to say Arrested Development trailers never do the greatest comedy show of all time (yes) justice. Regardless, lock in May 26 for more Bluths.

The Very Best of New Zealand Hip Hop

01. Scribe – Not Many [remix] ft. Savage & Con Psy
02. Dam Native – Behold My Kool Style
03. Dam Native – Extremities
04. Breaks Co-op – Sound Advice
05. Home Brew
06. Unique – AK Heavy Weights ft. Mareko & Savage
07. Mareko – Espionage
08. Con Psy – 3,2,1 Remix ft. PNC
09. Savage – Swing
10. Cyphanetik – Blaze Em
11. Frontline – Breath With Me
12. Cyphanetik – The Most Vainest ft. Con Psy
13. Mistfits of Science – Fools Love
14. Home Brew – Chicken Chowmein [Swap-A-Crate remix]
15. Che Fu – Chains [David Lange Intro]
16. Che Fu – The Mish
17. P-Money – Gamble [interlude]
18. Young Sid – Made
19. 4 Corners – The Expedition
20. PNC – Day In The Life

May 11, 2013

Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal

This is the best/only thing on Vine worth viewing/sharing.

Celebrities Read Insulting Texts

Honestly, I don't know who half these people are. If you think it's funny, or are just bored, you can click here to watch more of the same.

Kanye West Walks Into A Street Sign, Then Skits Out At The Paps.

*Ray J hit the sign first though.

Remembering The '90s: Blaze Magazine's Premier Issue

This was an important magazine issue for four main reasons. One, it was the inaugural issue of Blaze Magazine, a 1998 Vibe/Spin Ventures production. Two, Method Man is on the cover, which is never bad. Three, the editor-in-chief's opening letter detailed a story of Wyclef Jean pointing a shotgun at him and threatening to kill him if he got a negative album review, which is very casual. And four, the issue had 120 pages of advertising, which is 53.1 percent of the magazine, which is a ton of ads.
Luckily, 120 pages of 1998 ads, most of which are clothing, is the opposite experience of sitting through a 30-second YouTube ad in 2013.

May 8, 2013

Montana Spray Cans - Mini Documentary

Here's a short piece of film where Jordi Rubio, founder of Montana Colors, discusses his company and how they pioneered the manufacture and distribution of spray paint for graffiti on a worldwide scale.

Montana Diaries [documentary]

Graffiti sweat, rails, chases and raw action. Part 1 (above) takes you on a journey through Paris (France), Malmö (Sweden) and Amsterdam (Holland).

Stop Looking At This Blog, Dummy.

Nicholas Carr posted a video on the internet telling you to stop looking at the internet. Ok.

'87 State of Mind


Charles Ramsey Is Your American Hero

Charles Ramsey was just eating his McDonald's when a little white girl cried out for his help. A few minutes later he's a hero giving the world quotable after quotable on YouTube.

May 2, 2013

Realtime Projection Is Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good.

This is Marshmallow Laser Feast's ambitious realtime projection mapping campaign they put together, with a decent budget, for Sony Playstation. More background info on it here.