March 30, 2012

How To Buy A Car

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, shares his foolproof method for getting your next car (or anything else expensive) for the lowest price possible. Shot.

The Jumping Robot

Sand Flea is a robot with big ups. As seen in the video, it can jump up to 30 feet in the air. An onboard stabilisation system keeps it oriented during flight to improve the view from the video uplink and to control landings. 

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Nas Interview At SXSW

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March 24, 2012

Illmatic Live at SXSW

New York State of Mind

Footage from Nas performing the entire Illmatic album live at SXSW, in Austin. Hit the jump to see videos for  the 8 other tracks.

K'Naan - Nothing to Lose [remix] ft. Nas

Somalia & Queens connection

March 19, 2012

40 Minutes With Immortal Technique

Your Favourite Rappers Are Gay

Well, unintentionally gay...thanks to the intentionally funny tumblr site about unintentional gay rap lyrics. 

BIGGIE: “We fucked in his bed, quite dangerous, I’m in his ass while he playing against the Utah Jazz”
(From “I Got A Story To Tell”)
I totally get it, Biggie fucked some dude’s girlfriend. “His bed” and “His ass” refers to the dude’s ownership over the bed and her ass. But it just sounds reaaaally gay.

SNOOP DOGG: “I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too.. so turn out the lights and close the door (but for what?) we don’t love them hoes!”
(From “Gin and Juice”)
So let’s be clear here: You’ve got condoms, so do your boys, you just turned off the lights and closed the door. And you hate women. That’s so gay.

BEANIE SIEGEL: “I’ll blow a nigga for a box of Huggies.”
(From “Toney Siegel aka The Barrell Brothers”)
Guys, maybe it’s time to stop with using “blow” as a synonym for “shoot.” Nonetheless, the image of Beanie Sigel giving a blojob for a box of diapers is hilarious.

Lil Cease's Favorite Biggie Record

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9-Year-Old Psyching Herself Up

The other kids are like whatever bitch.

Pass Of The Year

From Danilo Gallinari. Who?

Mike Mondays: Top 10 Dunks


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March 12, 2012

Windmill Alley-Oop!

By Gerald Green aka the guy who dunked the ball and blew out the candle on the cup cake.

Keep an eye on the Rockets bench response to the dunk.

Easy Mo Bee’s 10 Favorite Sample Flips

Easy Mo Bee breaks down the below tracks with very generous stories and insights into what went into making the beats. Click the link and enjoy.

1. The Notorious BIG - Going Back To Cali

2. 2Pac - Temptations

3. Miles Davis - Blow

4.  The Notorious BIG - Warning

5. Thug Life - Straight Ballin

6. 2Pac, The Notorious BIG - Runnin'

7. Lost Boyz - Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless

8. Wu-Tang Clan - Take It back

9. 2Pac - My Block

10. Alicia Keys - If I were your Woman

LINK: Easy Mo Bee’s 10 Favorite Sample Flips

The Man Who Killed The Notorious B.I.G.

Via Complex

Fifteen years after Biggie's murder, retired detective Greg Kading debunks a few bogus theories and explains why the case will never officially be solved.

March 7, 2012

What Was In LeBron’s Tiny Purse?

“On Sunday morning, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade walked through Staples Center and proceeded to shake up the interwebs with another joint fashion statement. Yes, Wade’s outfit was abnormal for the standard NBA player (white pants, spray-on copper shirt, big purse) but at this point, that’s par for the course for the Dade County Diva. What stole the show, however, was his 6-foot-8 man-child teammate, who was carrying around a bag the size of a cannoli. “Much was made about LeBron’s latest fashion decision, and many speculated about what he lugged around in that leather Ziploc.

Some of my guesses:
— A single, monogrammed Q-tip
— A set of jacks
— A full facial set
— Loose mayonnaise
— An even smaller bag
— 3 quarters and no rings
“Unfortunately, because Captain and Tennille LeBron and Wade are such easy targets for all of the hate, the beauty in their fashion decisions is often lost in the shuffle.”
Via Grantland