March 24, 2011


If you've never heard of dude you're in for a treat. Nardwuar is an eccentric Candian celebrity interviewer who does extensive research on the interviewee to confuse, scare or impress them; often bringing up minutia about band members' pasts that they have a hard time recalling, until he coaches them along. Frequently, he will also attempt to make connections, no matter how obscure, between the person or subject at question and Canada. A tribute to his research skills, while interviewing Josh Homme, he produced a grade school class photo of Homme mid-interview, who remained blasé yet clearly impressed. During an interview with Pharrell Williams from N.E.R.D., Nardwuar pulled out a vinyl 1992 record featuring the very first recorded track by Pharrell, causing him to pause and state "This is one of the most impressive interviews I've ever experienced in my life. Seriously."

One of his most recent Q&A's with the baratoned Tyler the Creator of Odd Future fame.

Classic interview with Pharrell.

Classic interview with eyebrows.

Curren$y pt. 1

 Curren$y pt.2

March 22, 2011

G String

So it's a slap band (rember those?) for lady parts to solve the problem of VPL. I wonder how you'd wash them?
Shot Andreas

Pusha T - Fear of God

Best music to come out of 2011 thus far.

DOWNLOAD: Pusha T - Fear of God

01 - Intro
02 - My God
03 - Money On My Mind Freestyle
04 - I Still Wanna Rock ft. Rick Ross & Ab-Liva
05 - Feeling Myself ft. Kevin Cossom
06 - Blow/Funk Flex Freestyle
07 - Cook It Down Freestyle
08 - Open Your Eyes
09 - Can I Live Freestyle
10 - Raid ft. 50 Cent & Pharrell
11 - Touch It ft. Kanye West
12 - Speakers Going Hammer Freestyle
13 - Alone In Vegas Outro

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March 21, 2011


Follow up interview with Casey Heynes aka 'Lil’ Zangief' after he gained internet fame when a video of him body-slamming a school yard bully was posted online.

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Friday - Death Metal Edition

Remix of Friday by Rebecca Black. Very proud to say I'd never heard of her before now. And worth noting - that's a photo of Auckland in the background when she's "riding in the backseat". Hmm?

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Spanish Advertising

If you don't have a gig in advertising this probably won't be all that funny.
Shot Kate

NBA Plays of the Week - 17 March 2011

March 18, 2011

Oh Suge

Some things never change

The Fab Five

This was really dope. A must watch for any ballers.

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The Most Bogus Triple-Double Attempts in NBA History

Via Complex

LINK: The Most Bogus Triple-Double Attempts in NBA History

NBA Plays of the Week - 9 March 2011

Better late than...

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Cats In Space

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Diving 36 Feet Into 12 Inches Of Water

Shot Lachlan

LINK: Diving 36 Feet Into 12 Inches Of Water

Awkward Sunburn

Taxi Driver Names

It's Not Racist. It's Funny.

Two Girls One Cup Perfume Bottle

Yep. For $80.

LINK: When Life Gives You Shit Turn It Into Perfume

Supermarket Runway

Nice concept. Wack threads. Where the dimes at?
Shot Lachlan

March 17, 2011

Hipster Trap

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RIP Mr 16 In The Clip And One In The Hole

Nathan 'Nate Dogg' Hale (August 19, 1969 - March 15, 2011)

A little video melody. Props to Yardie.

In my opinion, this is his best ever verse.

March 16, 2011

The Mix Up Vol. 2 - download

01 – Spottieottiedogaliscious – Outkast
02 – Toxic ft. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – TIggers
03 – Scooby Snacks – Fun Lovin’ Criminals
04 – Fire – Lupe Fiasco
05 – Backup Pistol – Big Boi
06 – On The Vista – Mos Def
07 – Everyday Struggle [Frank Sinatra remix] – The Notorious BIG
08 – Villematic – J. Cole
09 – Since – Blu
10 – Interlude – Frank Sinatra
11 – Beware [Latin remix] – Big Pun
12 – 5 Deadly Sins – Wu-Tang Clan
13 – Can It Be – Murs
14 – I Can’t Take The Credit [interlude] – Michael Jackosn
15 – It’s Great To Be Here [remix] – Michael Jackson
16 – Unearthly [interlude] – Michael Jackson
17 – I Want You Back – Michael Jackson
18 – Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
19 – Appreciate – C.L. Smooth & Pete Rock
20 – Street Talking ft. Big Boi – Slick Rick
21 – Act Phenom – Pep Love
22 – Got To Give It Up ft. Slick Rick – Aaliyah
23 – Loco – Fun Lovin’ Criminals
24 – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love – Barry White
25 – You’re All I Need To Get By ft. Tammi Terrell – Marvin Gaye
26 – You’re All I Need To Get By [remix] ft. Mary J Blige – Method Man
27 – That’s What’s Up – Tame One
28 – In ft. Frddie Gibbs, Home Boy– Blu
29 – High Rise – Big Sean
30 – Because – Evidence
31 – Anything Goes – Ras Kass
32 – Forever – De La Soul

To celebrate my 1000th post (fuck!) I've uploaded a little Mix Up. The first one went banana's on the downloads. No reason why this shouldn't either. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: The Mix Up Vol. 2

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Dude's Got A Point


LINK: Best of Philosoraptor

The Art Of The Title Sequence

Fuck That's Scary/Hilarious

March 15, 2011

March 14, 2011

That's America For You

click to enlarge
Shot Phila

I guess Katrina was karma for the atomic bombs they dropped.

March 9, 2011

The Premier Tape Vol. Two - download

25 more classics from DJ Premier. Chur.

01 – MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know – KRS One
02 – The Best Part – J-Live
03 – First Nigga – Kool G Rap
04 – Ya Playin’ Yaself – Jeru The Damaja
05 – Mass Appeal – Gangstarr
06 – Most Murdurous – Apathy
07 – The Format – AZ
08 – Da Enemy – D.I.T.C. (Big L & Fat Joe)
09 – Who Got Gunz ft. Fat Joe, M.O.P. – Gangstarr
10 – Capture ft. Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx – Gangstarr
11 – The Lah – Freddie Foxxx
12 – R.N.S. – Freddie Foxxx
13 – Thick – D.I.T.C. (AG, Big L, OC)
14 – Work – Gangstarr
15 – Friend Or Foe ’98 – Jay-Z
16 – A Million And One Questions / Rhyme No More – Jay-Z
17 – Ten Crack Commandments – The Notorious BIG
18 – Unbelievable – The Notorious BIG
19 – Classic ft. Kanye West, Nas, KRS One – Rakim
20 – Pop Shots – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
21 – Represent – Nas
22 – New York ft. Raekwon, Ghostface – AZ
23 – The Actual – All City
24 – Boom – Royce Da 5’9”
25 – Skills – Gang Starr

DOWNLOAD: The Premier Tape Vol. Two
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Shame On You, Grandchildren.

Kickflip On A Wave


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Outrageous Fortune On Crack

A trailer for a doco on a white trash family in the States.

A B.I.G. Post

Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997)

Biggie On Rap City '97

Performing 'Juicy' on The Jon Stwart Show

Performing 'Players Anthem' with Lil' Cease & Lil' Kim

Biggie Smalls & Shaq: A Larger Than Life Friendship Video

I've thrown together a few rare Biggie tracks on some hip hop nerd shit for you to download.

01 - Biggie Smalls Last Live Freestyle 
02 - The Wickedest
03 - The Ugliest [prod by J Dilla] - alledged 2Pac diss track

Biggie used to write for Lil' Cease and Lil' Kim. The next two tracks have Biggie rapping the verses he wrote for them on some 'say it exactly like this, ok'. So with 'Players Anthem' you get two verses from BIG, which is dope. And on 'Queen Bitch' you get BIG rapping like he was a chick, which is odd.
04 - Players Anthem (Lil' Cease Reference Track)
05 - Queen Bitch (Lil' Kim Reference Track)


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March 2, 2011

Next Level Bombing

Etching a mural into a wall with explosives.

Stolen from the Imaginary Foundation Blog

Downhill Urban Mountain Biking. Jesus.

Road Rage

Shot Phila

LINK: Driver Plows Into Cyclists In Brazil

X-Factor Kuwait

No love from the front judge. Just fart on his head and exit stage.
Shot Alex

The President's Speech

Mike Tyson On Being Mike Tyson

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A Trippy Time Waster

LINK: Kaleidoskop

Best Pictures Of The Decade: The Noughties

Fuck The Rear View Girls

Drinking Music

Shot Jono

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News Flash: America Is Addicted To Porn

Fill Your Brain

March 1, 2011