December 31, 2013

The Top 10 NBA _____ of 2013

Snoop & Rusty

Mr Def Jam sits down with Snoop to discuss back in the day and vegan sandwiches.

Drugs At Work

Over a period of two days Sam Briggs ran a gift wrapping stall raising money for charity. Over that period he took acid, cocaine and ketamine.

And as a bonus, here's Sam giving the general public some public safety tips while high off a cocktail of cannabis, ecstacy and mushrooms...while wearing high vis.

December 22, 2013

A Very Hip Hop Christmas [mixtape]

Hip Hop would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

01. DMX – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
02. Apathy – Wonderful Xmas Time
03. Kanye West – Christmas In Harlem ft. Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Cyhi Da Prynce, Pusha-T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean
04. Outkast – Player's Ball (Xmas Edition)
05. Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin'
06. The Notorious BIG – What Did I Want 
07. R.A. The Rugged Man – Crustified Christmas ft. Mac Lethal
08. Ras Kass – Jack Frost II
09. Murs – Christmas Rules Everything Around Me
10. Eazy E – Merry Mutherfuckin' Christmas


DOWNLOAD:  A Very Hip Hop Christmas | Alt. Link

December 18, 2013

2013 OhhhShot Year In Review

Here goes some slightly cynical thoughts on hip hop from the past 12 months. Apologies.

Ron Burgundy Presents The Mix Up Vol. 4

In light of Anchor Man 2 opening I've re-up'ed this Mix Up from last year

01. Ron Burgundy & Veronica Cornerstone intro
02. Lord Tariq & Peter Guns – Deja Vu
03. Sene – QuarterWaterSupporter
04. Nas – Purple
05. Nas – Like Smoke ft. Amy Winehouse
06. Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe ft. Dr Dre
07. De La Soul – Turning Me Off
08. Ron Burgundy interlude
09. Frank Ocean – Lost
10. Frank Ocean – Pyramids
11. Clams Casino – I’m God [instrumental]
12. Ron Burgundy interlude
13. Action Bronson – Tan Leather
14. Money Making Jam Boys – We Not Playing
15. Gangrene – Papercuts
16. Danny Brown – Grown Up
17. Agallah – Crookie Monster
18. Ron Burgundy interlude
19. Tres Delinquentes [instrumental]
20. The Dream – Dope Bitch ft. Pusha T
21. Common – The Dreamer
22. Ron Burgundy outro

320 kbps | 174 MB

DOWNLOAD: The Mix Up Vol.4

And here's Anchor Man 1.5 that was pieced together using left over scenes from the original.

DertBeats - Money [music video]

Get the album here. Good looking out ETL

Life Advice From Killer Mike

Average is underrated. Say word.

December 12, 2013


R. Kelly decided to reach out to his fans via twitter with the hashtag #AskRKelly.

What was supposed to be a bit of publicity for his 'Single Ladies Tour' quickly turned into a PR facepalm as people jumped at the opportunity to ask Uncle R about his affinity for urinating on people and underage sex. Oops.

Local News Presenter Talks Football Using De La Soul Lyrics

Who's sons ghostwriter?

December 10, 2013


SONDER, noun: The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. By John Koenig.

Turning A Building Into A Giant Interactive Rubik’s Cube

File it under 'shit I wish I'd thought of'.

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Roger Steffens' Reggae Archives

Comprised of collections within collections the 'Ark-Hives' represents a lifetime dedicated to Reggae music. Involved since the earliest days of Reggae music's debut on the international scene Roger has not only been a collector but a participant and key player in the development and spread of the music and culture.

What Drums Sound Like In Different Environments

Performed by Julien Audigier on Natal drums.

Talented Man Likes To Play With Scissors While Perving At Girls

Adam Saaks is a t-shirt artist who makes Ed Hardy (blurrrkkk) t-shirts more wearable/slutty.

December 7, 2013

Nelson Mandela - The 16th Man

This ESPN documentary details the impact Nelson Mandela had on South Africa's 'Springbok' Rugby Team, and the nation, during the 1995 World Cup.

December 6, 2013

Who Said It? Kanye West Or Your Creative Director.

LINK: Kanye vs CD

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Drifting. On Ice. In A Truck.

Into a fucking garage like it ain't no thing.

Jay-Z Ranked His Albums From Best To Worst. He Almost Got It Right.

1. Reasonable Doubt (Classic)
2. The Blueprint (Classic)
3. The Black Album (Classic)
4. Vol. 2 (Classic)
5. American Gangster (4 1/2, cohesive)
6. Magna Carta (Fuckwit, Tom Ford, Oceans, Beach, On the Run, Grail)
7. Vol. 1 (Sunshine kills this album…fuck… Streets, Where I’m from, You Must Love Me…)
8. BP3 (Sorry critics, it’s good. Empire (Gave Frank a run for his money))
9. Dynasty (Intro alone…)
10. Vol. 3 (Pimp C verse alone… oh, So Ghetto)
11. BP2 (Too many songs. Fucking Guru and Hip Hop, ha)
12. Kingdom Come (First game back, don’t shoot me) - Jay Z

What he meant to say was;
1. Reasonable Doubt
2. The Blueprint
3. Vol. 2
4. Vol. 1
5. The Black Album
6. The Blueprint 3
7. American Gangster
8. The Dynasty
9. Vol. 3
Trash; Magna Carta, Kingdom Come and Blueprint 2.

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December 4, 2013

Winning Time - Reggie Miller vs The New York Knicks

I don't mean to kick the Knicks while they're down, but THIS is the greatest basketball documentary of all time *Kanye shrug*. It's almost impossible to watch this and not want to own a Reggie Miller jersey.

If you're a fan of basketball and you haven't seen it you're not actually a basketball fan. And if you have seen it, you know you want to watch it again. Hit play. You're very welcome.

December 3, 2013

What Ever Happened To This Guy And His Invention?

Well, he died. But what ever happened to his invention?

Trophy Scarves

Nate Hill has a thing for wearing topless white women as scarves.
Hill told Vice that his the shots, titled Trophy Scarves, are all about making a statement about race and culture and the way society treats women. Sure.

Good news ladies, he will do housecalls to get the shot. Bad news ladies, he's married. Shux.

More pics after the jump.

December 2, 2013

People Be Like 'Why Would I Buy A Ticket To Snoop Dogg?'

Snoop Dogg/Lion
Powerstation, Auckland.
Thursday 16 Jan 2014 (the day before the Big Day Out)
R18 | Tickets $75 from those dicks at TicketMaster

Fan-Made Doritos Ad Is A Little Bit Gross

Frito Lay (who own Pepsi, Doritos, Cheetos etc) is paying up to $1,000,000 for the best fan-made commercials in a contest for ads to be showed during the 2014 Superbowl. This finger cleaner one for Doritos needs to find its way on air.


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December 1, 2013