June 29, 2013

Action Bronson - Whip Gymnast [download]

I did a Bam Bam mixtape last year. Here's another.


DOWNLOAD: Action Bronson 'Whip Gymnast' | Alt. Link

01 - 2 Virgins ft. Big Body Best
02 - Triple Backflip
03 - Compliments To The Chef
04 - Morey Boogie Boards
05 - Strictly For My Jeeps
06 - Nothing To Worry About (remix)
07 - Drugs & Cheese On A Roll
08 - Typhoon Rap ft. Meyhem Lauren
09 - Contemporary Man
10 - Tapas
11 - Brunch
12 - Midget Cough
13 - Beautiful Music
14 - Yacht Rock
15 - Imported Goods
16 - Live From Kissena
17 - Heel Toe
18 - No Time
19 - Alligator
20 - Blackbird (remix)

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June 28, 2013

Steven Adams To OKC

Steven Adams from "Row-ruru, Ro-tor-rua New Zealand" gets selected 12th overall in the NBA draft, by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Enjoy that first payday boy, then get your Development-League on! See you in OKC colours in 2015.

June 27, 2013

Mrs Elliot Teaches The Kids About Racism

A lesson is racism using the 'Blue Eyes Brown Eyes' experiment, which aired back in 1970. The peice is taken from the documentary titled, 'A Class Divided'.
Some highlights include:
1:30: This teacher begins a study that will be talked about for 40 years.
3:00: She re-creates segregation and racism in her classroom.
7:45: Mrs. Elliott flips the entire class on their heads.
10:00 Jane Elliot makes the most profound discovery about us all
11:43: The students learn something that the world is still struggling to.

Via upworthy

The Warriors NYC Filming Locations

A then/now comparison of spots that director Walter Hill used for the '79 cult-classic film, The Warriors.
Stolen from ETL who pinched it from ScoutingNY

Killer Mike & El-P - Run The Jewels

Trade your email address for a free download of Killer Mike & El-P's 'Run The Jewels' album. Good times.

Rappers On Twitter Want Wale To Know That They Hate Him

I always thought Wale's Seinfeld mixtape about nothing was kinda ok. Other than that, every rapper tweet speaks the truth.

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June 26, 2013

Peace Out Parkinson's. Shot DBS.

Product demonstration is still the best form of advertising.

H I V > Cancer

Fighting cancer with an engineered HIV virus. That's right.

This Indian Flood Reporter Wins The Internet For Today

The reporter was a little upset at the coverage, saying "This was entirely the cameraman's fault, who, it seems, almost tried to sabotage my career by shooting from that distance and angle and releasing the video mocking this whole incident, and making me the villain."

June 22, 2013

Drake Denied Access To Heat Locker Room. Bhorts.

Following the Miami Heat's Game Seven victory over the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, media members flocked toward to the Heat locker room to get post-game access.

Rapper Drake tried to join in on the festivities, but was shut down by security outside of the locker room. Check out the video above of the incident.

Note: the swear that was bleeped out was not from Drake, but from someone walking by. Drake responded to the security guard by saying, "I am media."

June 21, 2013

R I P James Gandolfini

Here's to the overweight New Jersey actor who starred in the greatest TV show of all time. RIP.

September 18, 1961 – June 19, 2013

I'll Always Love You, Tony Soprano.

It seems that these days we’re all running some terrible race to announce celebrities' deaths to each other, and to conjure up cheap gags about them. Wisecracks about Thatcher's death had been planned years in advance, the guy from Kriss Kross got a couple of lame Twitter gags, as did Uncle Monty from Withnail And I. Mandela’s not even gone yet but the town criers of the afterlife still keep jumping the gun.

I’m not going to pontificate about this very modern form of gallows humor, it’s a fairly natural reaction to a world where news breaks fast and careers can be made on breaking it the fastest. I’m sure I’ve done it myself. Last night however, in the last hours of a sticky summer evening, I got news of a celebrity death that nobody was joking about. A death that felt more like a death in our collective family than a news story we could make clever puns about.

James Gandolfini, American actor and American icon, had died at age 51. He had been on a family holiday in Italy when he suffered a fatal heart attack, leaving behind his second wife Deborah Lin, their daughter Liliana, and a teenage son named Michael from his first marriage to Marcy Wudarski.

For the laughing boys and girls of the internet, there seemed to be no jokes worth making. Twitter was a landscape of solemnity and respect. My Facebook page became a series of thumbnails of incredible Sopranosmoments. It seemed that the unexpected death of such a fantastically talented human being at such a young age had momentarily bypassed our social media shock-jock tendencies.

I think people reacted like this for a number of reasons. First and most obviously, because of what he managed to do in The Sopranos. I’m sure a lot will be said in the next few days of how Gandolfini managed to make a monster so likable, of how he managed to make a killer so charming. But was Tony really that charming? I’m not so sure. He definitely had moments of charm, and moments where he was likeable. But one thing Tony always was, was knowable. And it's that, I think, that made his character so loved.

It’s very easy for an actor to seem likable with a bit of panache, some snappy suits, and good writing. The Sopranos had all of those things in abundance. But the genius of Gandolfini, his writers, and his directors was to create a character who seemed so real that you felt like you lived with him, whether he was moodily throwing eggs into his mouth at his breakfast bar at home or waiting alone in his car at 3 AM for a mark to show up.

Everything about that character was just so perfect. The way that he used to breathe when he got angry, the terrible suits that he wore, the way he kept his vest on during sex, his terrible hypocrisies and damning sentimentalities. The way that Gandolfini somehow managed to express an array of emotions using only his shoulders, communicating more about a man’s feelings with just those hulking, polyester-covered stumps than most other actors' flapping mouths, wildly gesticulating arms, and pensively furrowed brows could in a lifetime.
Tony seemed like someone I knew. Not necessarily somebody I liked or would want to spend much time with, but he felt like a person who was in my life rather than somebody I’d spend an hour a time with on my laptop.

This was no doubt abetted by the fact that Gandolfini himself just seemed like such a normal guy. Sure, he punched photographers, but in the way you or I probably would if we were 6’2" guys from New Jersey who’d had enough of their shit. (Especially if, as this great Vulture profile points out, we were as innately shy as Gandolfini.) He didn’t seem precious or self-obsessed like most actors and celebrities do. He seemed like a working-class guy with a lot of talent, the kind of famous person we’d all like to be. Someone who turned up, did great work, and had a great time without banging on about it.

I watched The Sopranos over the course of a few months in a period of my life that mostly revolved around not going to university and making a lot of late-night sandwiches. The show slowly became my life. It affected my speech patterns, my diet, my assessment of everyday situations. If I did something bad, I briefly found myself wondering if Tony or Paulie would be pissed off about it. When major characters died, it put me in a bad mood for days afterward.

It should also be said that Gandolfini was the first icon of the box set. The arrival of box sets—and their predominance over the last decade or so—has given people the ability to treat their favorite shows like books. It's allowed them to race through at their own momentum, to navigate their own depths. Gandolfini wasn't just the first icon of the box set, he was also the first box-set icon to die and, in my opinion, he's also the greatest character ever to have emerged from that clutch of shows that changed the way people think about TV—The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc. It's not ridiculous to say that Gandolfini changed American acting, for he was the king of the HBO show, the leading man who cast the mold for the likes of Don Draper, Walter White, and Jimmy McNulty.

Before him, TV acting seemed more to be about doing a passable, consistent job as the low-budget shoots came thick and fast, while being pleasant enough to keep the audience on your side across a span of months. The cream of the acting crop was reserved for film, but even if an actor was talented enough to truly inhabit their character, films were always too brief for the audience to really get a sense of that. Gandolfini's skill as an actor was to combine the two to glorious effect, bringing the genius of the greatest big-screen actors to the depth and familiarity that is possible with TV work. After his portrayal of Tony, acting became all about magnetism, nuance, and total encapsulation. It was some new school of performance that rested somewhere between experimental theater and reality TV, and it changed the way we absorb culture forever.

I could go on and on about my favorite Sopranos moments and what a brilliant actor James Gandolfini was. If you haven’t seen it, you should. For me, it’s the definitive chronicle of 21st-century life. The finest examination of its decadences and its hardships, its comic tragedies and its tragic comedies. It’s a show about money, sex, power, and family, and it stands up there with any culture ever created. At the heart of it is James Gandolfini, a former bartender from New Jersey who managed to silence the death trolls by virtue of being a true legend of American performance—and maybe because we thought there was still a chance he could storm in and do this to us if he caught us laughing at him.
Via Vice

Yeezus Samples

1. Intro (Prod By Gianni Lee)
2. Holy Name of Mary Choral Family – He’ll Give Us What We Really Need (On Sight)
3. Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People (Black Skinhead)
4. Capleton – Forward Inna Dem Clothes (I Am A God)
5. Omega, Omega – Gyöngyhajú lány (New Slaves)
6. Rahul Dev Burman, Asha Bhosle, Manna Dey – Are Zindagi Hai Khel (I Am A God)
7. Kenny Lattimore – Lately (I’m In It)
8. Nina Simone – Strange Fruit (Blood On The Leaves)
9. TNGHT – R U Ready (Blood On The Leaves)
10. Snoop Dogg – Down 4 My N’s – (Blood On The Leaves)
11. Lords Of The Underground – Chief Rocka (Guilt Trip)
12. Pusha T ft Popcann Travis Scott – Blocka (Guilt Trip)
13. Beenie Man – Memories (Send It Up)
14. Wee – Aeroplane (Reprise) (Bound 2)
16. Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound (Bound 2)
16. Brenda Lee – Sweet Nothin (Bound 2)


And as for the album the samples were used in...Well.

Lebron James Lives Basketball

I hate this man. Here's to the Spurs spoiling the party in South Beach today.

June 19, 2013

NZ Washing Machine Plays NZ National Anthem

This is dumb right up until the point where you're playing it on your own F&P washing machine. Then it's cheese face on.

Russell Brand Takes A Shit On The Media

Not literally, that's a few posts down. Anyway, Mr Brand's stand-up comedy is borderline terrible, but when he speaks he's really fucking engaging. Like in the above video where he rips into a few rude MSNBC news anchors. Jon Stewart would be proud.
For more great words from Rusty B, hit the jump.

Insult Dogs & Dog

Jack McBrayer, the innocent and very naive star from 30 Rock, visits Chicago's infamously hostile hot dog stand with Triumph the Insult Dog. I was crying by the end of it.

June 18, 2013

Action Bronson On The Combat Jack Show

Action Bronson perspires like a young P. Ewing while describing his childhood, family life, and how he got into hip-hop... So, nothing you haven't already heard if you're a stan of Bam Bam.
I'm gonna have to do another Action tape soon.

June 16, 2013

You're Doing It Wrong: Bench Press Edition

Dude is probably just constipated.

'Get Lucky' Through The Eras

Listen to how Daft Punks single, Get Lucky, would sound if it had came out in a different era. Dope.

Dave Likes Drums

And, in-case you're interested, here's a list of the featured artists with the "nice drums":

Kicking It

Short sneaker doco about kids buying and selling kicks.

June 13, 2013

Mos Def Estatic Remix Album - download

Preservation, the longtime tour DJ for Mos Def, has remixed The Ecstatic album from 2009. As a bonus, he has included a pre-version of 'Casa Bey' called 'Black Fantastic,' which features early Mos vocals and is produced by Minnesota.

Here's The Best Time-Lapse Graffiti Video You'll Ever See

Shot Jake

Chinese Guy Takes Shit In Street Then Waits For Toilet Paper To Arrive.

This is fucking disgusting, so apologies, but the shot of the guy at the end is just awesome.
Shot Vikki

June 12, 2013

Here's Some '06 Louis CK, Just Because.

Yea, so as well as being funny back then it turns out that Louis CK had another TV show before 'Louie', called 'Lucky Louie'...which is pretty much the same as Louie, but with canned laughter. A best of Lucky Louie is after the jump.

June 8, 2013

Aliens Are Real, Speak English And Work For The US Government. F Y I.

So the former Minister of Defense for Canada, Hon. Paul Hellyer, recently revealed that Aliens are, in fact, real and that they've been visiting our earth for quite some time now. He goes on to name four of the ET species that currently live amongst us and that two ETs are employed by the US government. Hit play.
Shot JC

June 7, 2013

News Anchor Raps Nuttin' But A G' Thang. Sort of.

OG news anchor, Brian Williams, gets his gang on with a well edited clip of him rapping the chorus to a Snoop & Dre classic.

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June 5, 2013

Danny Brown - Overrated/Underrated

The always engaging Danny Brown sits down with PicthForkTV to talk about whether or not cats, baths, cereal and Bill Murray are overrated or underrated.
Hit the jump for more videos if you're feeling this whole over/under thing.

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