August 28, 2015

Nirvana - Lithium (Live 1992)

This is Nirvana teasing 'Rape Me' then performing 'Lithium' at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as accepting the award for Best New Artist.

A little background to the performance from Seattle journalist, Krist Novoselic;

“Kurt wanted to play the tune ‘Rape Me’ and was adamant about it. The MTV people were upset. We were being asked from all corners not to. I thought we should play something off Nevermind, do the gig, and leave. Easy, right? No. Kurt was very stubborn and refused to play another tune. There was quite a swirl around this issue.

I went back to the trailer and had a still-warm beer. Yuk, but I drank it anyway. To resolve the song controversy, we said we were going to do “Lithium,” but we decided among the band to pull a prank and play a few chords of “Rape Me” at the beginning. Even though the issue was resolved, the back and forth between their people, our people, us and them, or whoever—it was draining.”

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Dustin Yellin's 3D Art

Dustin Yellin’s mesmerizing glass sculptures explode collage into three dimensional forms, and have won him accolades from all over the art world. From early works of layered resin, Yellin’s sculptures increased in size (and weight), culminating in the 12-ton, three-paneled The Triptych.

But Yellin’s most ambitious project may be Pioneer Works, a colossal, 27,000-square-foot artist’s complex and foundation in Red Hook, Brooklyn. With its residencies, workshops and on-site science lab, Pioneer Works cultivates cross-disciplinary experimentation regardless of profit potential.

August 13, 2015

Timelike Is The Short Film You Should Watch Now

The above video follows Madeline and her boyfriend at home enjoying a quiet evening when they are interrupted by a visit from a stranger bearing a message from Madeline’s future self. It uses 90s handy cam footage with great editing and sound design to create quite a buzzy and unnerving peice of film.

If you want to make sense of what you just saw you can hit the jump for one possible explanation.