December 20, 2014

The Mix Up Vol. 8 - download

Merry Christmas. See you in a month.

01. @Peace – Where I Come From
02. Jay-Z – The Prelude
03. De La Soul – Itzsoweezee
04. Nas – The Season
05. Drake – Draft Day
06. Outkast – The Art of Storytellin' [Gummy Soul Remix] ft. Slick Rick
07. Marvin Gaye – Stubborn Kind of Fellow
08. Mos Def – Stubborn Kind of Fellow
09. Solange – Losing You
10. Kanye West – Bound 2 [Cookin Soul Remix]
11. Schoolboy Q – Collard Greens ft. Kendrick Lamar
12. Diamond District – In The Ruff
13. Blockhead – Sum Of Its Parts ft. Marq Spekt
14. D.I.T.C. – Internationally Known [Diamond D Remix]
15. Master P – Ghetto D ft. C-Murder
16. Joell Ortiz – House Slippers
17. David Dallas – Life Is ft. Ricky Gervais
18. Pusha T – Don't Fuck With Me
19. Action Bronson – The Light
20. KRS-One – Higher Level ft. DJ Premier

320 kbps | 195 MB

DOWNLOAD:  The Mix Up Vol. 8   |   alt. link


December 8, 2014

Handmade Paper Video Game. Yes, Really.

Lumino City is the first video game to be entirely handmade out of paper, card, miniature lights and motors. After three years of arts and crafts, followed by thousands and thousands of hours coding you'd hope it was all worth it. Take a look and judge it for yourself, here.

Run The Jewels Talk Steven Seagal For An Exteneded Period Of Time.

El-P is a Steven Seagal stan. His RTJ buddy Killer Mike, is not so much to not really at all. Both took time of their their tour schedule to sit down with The AV Club to discuss the life and work of the man behind the cult (terrible) 80s actions flicks Above The Law, Marked For Death and Out For Justice - Steven Seagal.

AVC: What do you guys like about Steven Seagal?

El-P: Where to start? Above The Law, Out For Justice, Marked For Death. All of the early classic Seagal films. I even followed him into his direct-to-DVD stage, where he was just obese and just stood still and often had people dub his lines—he would leave the production halfway through and just have people overdub his voice with a different actor. I just love the man. He’s an important part of action-movie history for me. He’s incredibly brutal; he’s confused about his heritage, his culture. What’s not to love?

AVC: Let’s talk about Out For Justice.

El-P: Hell yeah. You’ve seen that shit, right Mike?

Killer Mike: I’ve seen them all, though I must admit that all of Steven Seagal’s movies have just melded into one big, horrible B-movie for me. I’m more of a fan of his style of martial arts than I am his movies. So Aikido I’m definitely with, but in terms of Steven Seagal as an action hero, you know, he’s second tier. He’s no [Sylvester] Stallone, but he’s good enough.

El-P: What you have to understand is that Steven Seagal isn’t about being a good action hero. He’s always about being a complete fucking asshole. That’s, like, his duty. The thing about Out For Justice—also the first Steven Seagal movie where he’s just clearly getting fat, which I love because he didn’t wear sleeves the entire time, so he just had flabby arms and kind of a pot belly? The most classic shit about that movie was—and I actually wrote a piece of fan fiction about this.

November 24, 2014

Royce - The Nickel Nine Mixtape [download]

A mixtape featuring the verbal diarrhea of Royce da 5'9".
Best before 9 December 2014.


DOWNLOAD: Royce - The Nickel Nine Mixtape  |  Alt. Link __________________________________________________________

01 - Regardless
02 - Second Place
03 - Dinner Time
04 - Motown 25 ft. Elzhi
05 - Let's Grow (prod. J Dilla)
06 - I'm The King (prod. Alchemist)
07 - Boom (prod. DJ Premier)
08 - Hit Em (prod. DJ Premier)
09 - Hip Hop (prod. DJ Premier)
10 - Ding! Ding! (prod. DJ Premier)
11 - Heartbeat (prod. Kanye West)
12 - T.O.D.A.Y.
13 - Shake This (prod. DJ Premier)
14 - What I Know
15 - Shady 2.0 Chyper
16 - Tony Touch Freestyle
17 - Fuckahook
18 - Microphone ft. Slaughterhouse (prod. Alchemist)
19 - Wack MCs ft. Slaughterhouse
20 - Something To Ride To
21 - Ignorant Shit Freestyle
22 - Gone Freestyle

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November 23, 2014

You Don't Know Shit

Most people don't really give a shit where their poop goes after they get up to flush. They (me included) assume that it magically disperses never to be seen, or smelt, again. It's no different to people who do their number twos in New York. What you might interesting is that the water that flushes Mr Hanky away finds its way back into the water supply to be consumed by New Yorkers two hours later, while the doo doo ends up being sold as expensive compost to help fruit grow.  Mmm mmm mmm.

Find out more fascinating faeces facts like this when you watch the short doco above detailing the journey New Yorkers excrement takes after they drop the kids off at the pool.

Watch This Foreign Baby Throw Down With His Pops

Cool dad teaches his 2 year old how to break dance. Now wait for the 1 year old black baby doing head spins video to surface.

November 13, 2014

Karangahape Roads Las Vegas Strip Club

Founded in 1962 the Las Vegas striptease nightclub is the oldest strip club in New Zealand. Since 1976 Adrian ‘Adriatix’ Churn has been the man behind the music of this historic club.
Refusing the name of a ‘Disc Jockey’ Adrian refers to himself as the ‘Sound & Lighting Technician’, and throughout the last four decades has lived and breathed Las Vegas and the infamous Auckland street of Karangahape Road.
A true historian of the Auckland red light district and the iconic Las Vegas.
By Tom Gould aka the guy that brought you the reformed gang member, a severed penis ballad and this ridiculousness.

November 11, 2014

18-Minute Shady Acapella Cypher

Excluding the hillbilly in the middle, this video is a festival of the English language. Word play at its finest from the Shady Records stable. And, just my opinion, it came out in this order Eminem > Royce > Budden > Crooked > Joell > daylight > Yela

November 10, 2014

Look At This Homeless Dude Balling On A Budget

Ukrainian photographer Yurko Dyachyshyn has spent the past two years capturing the eccentric outfits of Slavik, a local 55-year-old homeless man who changes his clothes at least once a day, using a wardrobe made up of items collected on the streets through assistance programs.

The two first met when Slavik approached Dyachyshyn for some change while he was working on a project in the city of Lviv, and it wasn’t long before Dyachyshyn took out his camera and began snapping images of Slavik stunting hard in exchange for, roughly, a dollar per photo.

More pics and link after the jump.

November 9, 2014

Portraits Taking Selfies

Bored in a musem, Olivia Muus decided to use painted portraits as the centerpiece for a small collection of forced perspective ‘selfies.’

By simply holding her hand up in front of the portraits in the galleries and snapping a picture, Muus gives the classic paintings and their stoic subjects a much more modern feel.

November 8, 2014

Borderline Genius

'Shia Labeouf' is a song by Rob Cantor. It tells the true story of an actual cannibal. Just watch.

October 30, 2014

Painting With Fire

This guy Patrick Peris uses fire to burn black soot stains then paints over the top of the burn marks with whatever comes into his head at that very moment. What a fucking show-off. See more of his work on his website.
Spotted at TIC

Another Time-Lapse Video. Sorry.

Nicolaus Wegner spent 5 months photographing all types of severe weather in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado. There's a little bit of everything in here from rainbows to tornadoes, and it's amazing.

October 27, 2014

The Best Thing On The Internet, For The Next Few Days At Least.

In this superbly edited new music video for Roy Kafri’s ‘Mayokero,’ famous album covers including photos of Madonna, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Bob Dylan seemingly come to life and begin singing. 
Spotted at TIC

Lung Capacity - Smoker vs Non-Smoker

So, yea, this is something you might want to give up if you haven't already.

October 25, 2014

Run The Jewels 2 - download

Last years BEST album has a sequel! And it's been made available free for download on the same day as the Kiwis smashing the Kangaroos and me getting married. Perfect.

DOWNLOAD LINK: Run The Jewels 2

October 13, 2014

Paper Airplane Gun

Everybody bow down to to the really cool dad, or pedo, who made a gun capable of folding paper darts and then firing them.

There's No Excuses For A Bad Haircut When You Cut It Yourself

Because if you want something done right...

September 18, 2014

The Hip Hop Periodic Table

The second element (see what I did there) of Hip Hop comes alive in the form of The Hip Hop Periodic Table. Featuring 223 artists, from (Dr)Dre to Snoop D-O-(gg), alongside color-coded labels indicating their genres and the year of their album's first release.

View the entire thing here: Hip Hop Periodic Table

September 14, 2014

If Scientists Designed Roller Coasters. Holy.

The 'Centrifuge Brain Project' is an obviously fake (sorry) mockumentary looking at scientific experiments on amusement park rides.

September 6, 2014

Run The Jewels 2

Fucking yes! Killer Mike & El-P have teamed up again for a second Run The Jewels album, which is expected to drop at the end of October...then there going on tour throughout the States, plus six dates in Australia, and a show in Wellington (9 Jan @ James Cabaret) and Auckland (10 Jan @ Studio).

The first release picks up where they left off.

Japanese Video Game Music - Documentary

Diggin' In The Carts is an amazing documentary series about Japanese video game music. The first episode is up top. The next five can be found here.

September 5, 2014

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Documentary

Besides the chorus and the line about missing Uncle George yo, nobody ever really knew what they were saying. But they did know they were dope. Watch this 'Unsung' documentary and reminisce about that time in the mid-90s when you grew your hair long and parted in down the middle like Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone did.

September 3, 2014

This Is IKEA Taking The Piss Out Of Apple

At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas.

August 21, 2014

Single Brush Stroke Dragon Paintings

These Dragons with one stroke paintings are known as 'Hitofude Ryuu', and originate from a small studio called Kousyuuya in Nikko, Japan. The studio has seen four generations of master painters who have been creating these stylized dragons for decades. The process involves carefully painting an ornate dragon head with various flourishes, and then finishing the piece using a giant sumi brush in a carefully orchestrated stroke. The process has much in common with both ink wash painting and calligraphy, and similar to letterforms, the images are often repeated. Ha-mazing.

Pinched from TIC

August 19, 2014

Face Mapping

This short little video features real-time projection mapping on a Japanese models face. Holy.
Shot Alex

August 13, 2014

Action Bronson - Ill Prosciutto [download]

Third and final installment of the Action Bronson mixtapes.


DOWNLOAD: Action Bronson - Ill Prosciutto  |  Alt. Link __________________________________________________________

01 - Easy Rider
02 - Tequila / Pepe Lopez
03 - 09.24.13
04 - Twin Peugots ft. Big Body Bes, Mac Miller
05 - Your Honor ft. Fat Joe
06 - Velvet Cape ft. Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren
07 - Main Event ft. Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino, Rasheed Chappell
08 - Hookers (VIP Remix)
09 - It Concerns Me
10 - Consensual Rape
11 - In The City ft. Jeff Woods
12 - East Bound And Down
13 - T.K.O.
14 - All I Got ft. Styles P, Easy Money
15 - Take My Turn ft. Termanology, Jared Evan
16 - Sincerely Antique
17 - 456 ft. Roc Marciano
18 - Red Dot Music ft. Mac Miller
19 - Get Off My PP (Cookin Soul Remix)
20 - Amadu Diablo

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PREVIOUS: Action Bronson - Whiteface Killah [download]

August 6, 2014

Barefoot Skiing Is A Thing

But more importantly, a guy is doing PUSH UPS ON WATER around the 2.18 mark.

Cocao Bean Farmers Taste Chocolate For The First Time

This is what happens when cocao farmers from the Ivory Coast see and taste one of the end products made from their beans.

August 2, 2014

Guilty Simpson - Detroit's Very Own [download]

Guilty Simpson mixtape.

Prep for his gig at Ponsonby Social Club.

DOWNLOAD: Guilty Simpson - Detroit's Very Own | Alt. Link

01 - The Easiest Way
02 - Reputation
03 - OJ Simpson (prod Madlib)
04 - Coroner's Music (prod Madlib)
05 - Make It Fast (prod J Dilla)
06 - Serious Life (prod J Dilla)
07 - Stress (prod J Dilla)
08 - Baby (prod J Dilla)
09 - Jungle Love (prod J Dilla)
10 - Strapped ft. J Dilla
11 - Hood Sentence (prod Madlib)
12 - Sound The Alarm ft. Black Milk
13 - The Hex ft. Sean Price, Black Milk
14 - Mic Check 313 [live]
15 - Back On The Road [live]
16 - Nightmare ft. Phat Kat [live]
17 - Get Riches [live]
18 - Man's World
19 - Change
20 - Truth Be Told
21 - Random Call ft. Sean Price, Black Milk
22 - Everybody Nobody Somebody ft. Sean Price, Black Milk
23 - Take Notice ft. J Dilla

July 26, 2014

Mike Tyson Has His Own Cartoon

Iron Mike is taking the fight to the streets in his very own animated comedy series. Aided with the Mike Tyson Mystery Team - the Ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury, Mike's adopted Korean daughter, and a pigeon who was once a man - Mike will answer any plea sent to him via pigeon mail.

It's basically a black version of Scooby Doo.

July 23, 2014

Piiiiics Innnnnnnn Spaaaccceeeee

Japanese botanic artist Makoto Azuma sent plants and a camera into space with the help of some helium balloons. The result is part of his latest exhibition he's titled Exbiotanica. Dope!

July 18, 2014

Visualizing Kiddie Art

Look at what Dutch muralist, Telmo Pieper, did with his retarded childhood sketches. He turned the drawings into digital illustrations by applying realistic light, color, and texture to the hilariously deformed shapes he imagined back when he was a 4-year-old. What a fancy.

Surfing In The Arctic

Watch photographer Chris Burkard's capture professional surfers braving the harsh, bitterly cold temperatures of the Arctic Circle. And you thought big wave surfing was nuts.

July 11, 2014

Time Is Illmatic [documentary]

The New Zealand Film Festival presents, 'Time Is Illmatic' - a film that chronicles Nasir Jones' creation of the greatest hip hop album of all time.


June 30, 2014

The 1984 NBA Draft [documentary]

'The 84 Draft' is a film that documents just that - the 1984 NBA draft. The one where Houston picked Hakeem Olajuwon as the number #1 overall pick, followed by Portland's face palm of an idea (they've had a few) to select the injury-prone Sam Bowie ahead of some guy called Michael Jordan. Cue Jay-Z's, "I ball for real: y'all niggas is Sam Bowie"

Regarded as the greatest draft of all time, its talent also featured future greats Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Sam Perkins, Alvin Robertson, Otis Thorpe, Kevin Willis, Brazil's greatest baller, Oscar Schmidt and the now Dallas Mavs head coach, Jim Carrey Rick Carlisle.

Asian Ball Handler

Word to Jim Jones

June 24, 2014

People Slapping Each Other. Just Becasue.

Yeah, so here's the 411 from the people that posted the video:
I gathered acquaintances, friends both casual and close, paired them randomly, put them in a void, and asked them to hit each other in the face. No one was pressured, and everyone was hit as hard as THEY asked to be hit.
After watching the above video I can confirm that the ghetto version is (as always) much better: Slap Fest

June 23, 2014

Jim Jefferies Comedy Hour

Funny cunt from Australia, but you probably already knew that.

However, if you are the only person in the world who hasn't heard of him, hit play above then try and not watch the video below immediately after.

Japan Is Working On Its Core Strength

Japanese advertising > every other countries advertising

June 20, 2014


Hasan Kale uses food as a canvas for his impossibly intricate art. Though composed of thousands of straight sewn lines reminiscent of crosshatching, the final pieces are generally organic in form from the silhouettes of dogs and animals to more complex landscapes. And judging by the not brown at all banana shot, he's also the fastest painter in the world.

June 18, 2014

May 22, 2014

Every Pharrell Song Starts The Same Way

For all the classic songs Pharrell Williams has produced, it took until today for the world to notice that the intros to many of his songs use an identical trick. A quick four-count loop of the first beat occurs in songs from this year’s hit “Happy” to last year’s “Blurred Lines” to Frank Ocean’s “Sweet Life.”
Shot Gen

May 15, 2014

Cam'ron - Dipshits

It took three people to produce this dope new cut from Cam (A-Trak, Oliver, Just Blaze) which features Juelz Santana and Dame Dash doing his best Puff Daddy impression.

E:60 - Lionel Messi

Someone from America got 10 minutes to talk to Lionel Messi. This is what they have to show for it.

Tyrion Speech (Alternate Ending)

This alternate ending to Tyrion Lannister’s mic drop ‘Game Of Thrones’ speech is the only one you need.

May 14, 2014

Seven Nation Army [Cruise Ship Remix]

MSC Magnifica plays Seven Nation Army during Hamburg's recent "harbour-birthday" celebration.

May 10, 2014

The Premier Tapes Vol.1 & Vol.2 [re-upped]

01 – A Message From Premier – DJ Premier
02 – The Militia ft. Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx – Gangstarr
03 – Da Rep Grows Bigger – Gangstarr
04 – What I’m Here For – Gangstarr
05 – Rite Where You Stand ft. Jadakiss – Gangstarr
06 – The Legacy ft. Guru – Group Home
07 – On The Mic – Rakim
08 – Waiting For The Day – Memphis Bleek
09 – Lazy – Freddie Foxxx
10 – A Message From Premier – DJ Premier
11 – Hip Hop – Royce Da 5’9”
12 – Goldyen Child [remix] – Ras Kass
13 – The One & Only – Snoop Dogg
14 – D’Evils – Jay-Z
15 – Kick In The Door – The Notorious BIG
16 – Crooklyn Dodgers ft. Chubb Rock, OC– Jeru The Damager
17 – The Big Picture – Big L
18 – Recognize - The LOX
19 – The 6th Sense – Common
20 – Above The Clouds ft. Inspectah Deck – Gangstarr
21 – So Amazing – Termanolgy
22 – Invincible – CNN
23 – Nas Is Like – Nas
24 – I’ve Committed Murder ft. Guru, Mos Def – Macy Gay
25 – Mathematics – Mos Def

DOWNLOAD: The Premier Tape Vol. 1

01 – MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know – KRS One
02 – The Best Part – J-Live
03 – First Nigga – Kool G Rap
04 – Ya Playin’ Yaself – Jeru The Damaja
05 – Mass Appeal – Gangstarr
06 – Most Murdurous – Apathy
07 – The Format – AZ
08 – Da Enemy – D.I.T.C. (Big L & Fat Joe)
09 – Who Got Gunz ft. Fat Joe, M.O.P. – Gangstarr
10 – Capture ft. Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx – Gangstarr
11 – The Lah – Freddie Foxxx
12 – R.N.S. – Freddie Foxxx
13 – Thick – D.I.T.C. (AG, Big L, OC)
14 – Work – Gangstarr
15 – Friend Or Foe ’98 – Jay-Z
16 – A Million And One Questions / Rhyme No More – Jay-Z
17 – Ten Crack Commandments – The Notorious BIG
18 – Unbelievable – The Notorious BIG
19 – Classic ft. Kanye West, Nas, KRS One – Rakim
20 – Pop Shots – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
21 – Represent – Nas
22 – New York ft. Raekwon, Ghostface – AZ
23 – The Actual – All City
24 – Boom – Royce Da 5’9”
25 – Skills – Gang Starr

DOWNLOAD: The Premier Tape Vol. 2

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May 9, 2014

Louis CK On Charlie Rose

The world's greatest ginger Mexican gets his talk on. Just his talk. Not his jokes.

May 8, 2014

Who's Cutting Onions?

Just a couple of days after a dust storm blew through work as I watched KD receive his MVP award, the above video happened. A homeless man, from lottery winner fame, gets given a home.

D.I.T.C. The Remix Project - download

One of your favourite 90s hip hop crews just got remixed.
01 We All (Alchemist Remix)
02 Da Enemy (Bink Remix)
03 All Love (Apollo Brown Remix)
04 Thick Lord (Lord Finesse Remix)
05 Best Behavior (Showbiz Remix #1)
06 Diggin In The Crates (DJ Premier Remix)
07 Casualties Of A Dice Game (Buckwild Remix)
08 Time To Get The Money (9th Wonder Remix)
09 Internationally Known (Diamond D Remix)
10 Way Of Life (Marco Polo Remix)
11 Drop It Heavy (Buckwild Remix)
12 Foundation (OGee Remix)
13 Best Behavior (Showbiz Remix #2)
14 Casualties of a Dice Game (9th Wonder Remix)

DOWNLOAD: D.I.T.C. - The Remix Project

May 7, 2014

Urban Roller Coasters

Fuck getting on one of these if they really existed. 

These visual manipulations are the work of Robert Jahns, a 26-year-old art director from Hamburg, Germany. The visceral impact of his work is obvious in the hundreds of thousands of people who follow his nois7 Instagram. You should so the same.

May 5, 2014

Jay Electronica Wants You To See This

The Revelation of the Pyramids takes an in depth look into one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre.

60 Minutes: The All Blacks Haka

Here's the write up from them US folks:
The All Blacks pre-game ritual, the Haka, originates with their country's indigenous Maori people whose ancestral war dance is a fitting start for a game that's as close to warfare as any in sporting history. Bob Simon reports on the brutal battle that is rugby on 60 Minutes Sports.

April 25, 2014

30 For 30 Shorts - The Harlem Globetrotters Do Russia

This 30 For 30 tells the story of the Harlem Globetrotters’ mission to Moscow to defuse international hostilities with their trademark levity

April 23, 2014

The Internet Gave The NYPD A Lesson In Interneting

A few months ago R Kelly thought it'd be a neat idea if he got fans to ask him questions with the hashtag #AskRKelly. And ask they did, although not in a way he'd presumably anticipated. Enter the NYPD, who in an attempt to get more Twitter followers, asked the internet to send in pics of their police selfies with the hashtag #myNYPD... and so they did.

April 21, 2014

Make Your Own Big Mac

Home made Big Mac, without the Micky D's preservatives and matrix code ingredients.

Nirvana - Tomorrow Never Came

Here's a mix of Nirvana outtakes, demos, rarities and personal favorites courtesy of Ivan at HHIR. Download it now. It's a no brainer.

April 16, 2014

Nas - Illmatic At 20

This is not Nas' own documentary which is due out soon. It's just another Illmatic 20th anniversary tribute that is currently flooding the internet. Enjoy.

April 4, 2014