December 20, 2014

The Mix Up Vol. 8 - download

Merry Christmas. See you in a month.

01. @Peace – Where I Come From
02. Jay-Z – The Prelude
03. De La Soul – Itzsoweezee
04. Nas – The Season
05. Drake – Draft Day
06. Outkast – The Art of Storytellin' [Gummy Soul Remix] ft. Slick Rick
07. Marvin Gaye – Stubborn Kind of Fellow
08. Mos Def – Stubborn Kind of Fellow
09. Solange – Losing You
10. Kanye West – Bound 2 [Cookin Soul Remix]
11. Schoolboy Q – Collard Greens ft. Kendrick Lamar
12. Diamond District – In The Ruff
13. Blockhead – Sum Of Its Parts ft. Marq Spekt
14. D.I.T.C. – Internationally Known [Diamond D Remix]
15. Master P – Ghetto D ft. C-Murder
16. Joell Ortiz – House Slippers
17. David Dallas – Life Is ft. Ricky Gervais
18. Pusha T – Don't Fuck With Me
19. Action Bronson – The Light
20. KRS-One – Higher Level ft. DJ Premier

320 kbps | 195 MB

DOWNLOAD:  The Mix Up Vol. 8   |   alt. link


December 8, 2014

Handmade Paper Video Game. Yes, Really.

Lumino City is the first video game to be entirely handmade out of paper, card, miniature lights and motors. After three years of arts and crafts, followed by thousands and thousands of hours coding you'd hope it was all worth it. Take a look and judge it for yourself, here.

Run The Jewels Talk Steven Seagal For An Exteneded Period Of Time.

El-P is a Steven Seagal stan. His RTJ buddy Killer Mike, is not so much to not really at all. Both took time of their their tour schedule to sit down with The AV Club to discuss the life and work of the man behind the cult (terrible) 80s actions flicks Above The Law, Marked For Death and Out For Justice - Steven Seagal.

AVC: What do you guys like about Steven Seagal?

El-P: Where to start? Above The Law, Out For Justice, Marked For Death. All of the early classic Seagal films. I even followed him into his direct-to-DVD stage, where he was just obese and just stood still and often had people dub his lines—he would leave the production halfway through and just have people overdub his voice with a different actor. I just love the man. He’s an important part of action-movie history for me. He’s incredibly brutal; he’s confused about his heritage, his culture. What’s not to love?

AVC: Let’s talk about Out For Justice.

El-P: Hell yeah. You’ve seen that shit, right Mike?

Killer Mike: I’ve seen them all, though I must admit that all of Steven Seagal’s movies have just melded into one big, horrible B-movie for me. I’m more of a fan of his style of martial arts than I am his movies. So Aikido I’m definitely with, but in terms of Steven Seagal as an action hero, you know, he’s second tier. He’s no [Sylvester] Stallone, but he’s good enough.

El-P: What you have to understand is that Steven Seagal isn’t about being a good action hero. He’s always about being a complete fucking asshole. That’s, like, his duty. The thing about Out For Justice—also the first Steven Seagal movie where he’s just clearly getting fat, which I love because he didn’t wear sleeves the entire time, so he just had flabby arms and kind of a pot belly? The most classic shit about that movie was—and I actually wrote a piece of fan fiction about this.