April 30, 2012

Dancing On Nails

...for 30 minutes

Plays of the Year: Rose, Westbrook, Paul, Bryant

Derrick Rose

Mike Mondays: The Biggest Loser, Ever

The 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers are no longer the worst team in NBA history. The title can now be bestowed upon the Michael Jordan owned 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats.

Lowest Winning Percentage, Season
.106 – Charlotte Bobcats, 2011-12 (7-59)
.110 – Philadelphia 76ers, 1972-73 (9-73)

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April 29, 2012

Nas - The Don [video]

Taken from the forthcoming album, Life Is Good. What I could do with just a fraction of this video's budget on the next ad I have to make.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Illmatic

1. Large Professor Would Edit Nas’ Rhymes

2. Russell Simmons Passed On Signing Nas

3. Nas Did “N.Y. State of Mind” In One Take

4. It’s Short Because It Was Rushed

5. Nas Wanted To Sample “Juicy Fruit” Before Biggie

6. Nas Begged Large Professor To Executive Producer The Album But He Refused

7. Large Professor Almost Had To Smack The S**t Out of MC Serch

8. Busta Rhymes Could Have Had The “Halftime” Beat

9. Q-Tip’s Original Idea For “One Love” Was “My Summer Vacation”

10. AZ’s Verse On “Life’s A B***h” Lead To A Bidding War

LINK: Complex: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Illmatic

April 26, 2012

My Secret Life As Plankton

Don't judge a posting by its title. It's actually quite amazing. Really.

Maths Before Calculators

Good luck keeping up. I got lost pretty quickly on this video.

On a side note, judging by the length of the guys shirt sleeves, dude is either a 90s hip hop fan or has very recently dropped a ton of weight.

The Jesus Bike

NBA Plays of the Week - April 20, 2012

A little late, but hey, I was on holiday/working in the Eastern Block. The below video is to make up for it.


April 25, 2012

A Gangster Rap Conspiracy Theory

"The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation"
From some anonymous dude, via hiphopisread


After more than 20 years, I've finally decided to tell the world what I witnessed in 1991, which I believe was one of the biggest turning point in popular music, and ultimately American society. I have struggled for a long time weighing the pros and cons of making this story public as I was reluctant to implicate the individuals who were present that day. So I've simply decided to leave out names and all the details that may risk my personal well being and that of those who were, like me, dragged into something they weren't ready for.

Between the late 80's and early 90’s, I was what you may call a “decision maker” with one of the more established company in the music industry. I came from Europe in the early 80’s and quickly established myself in the business. The industry was different back then. Since technology and media weren’t accessible to people like they are today, the industry had more control over the public and had the means to influence them anyway it wanted. This may explain why in early 1991, I was invited to attend a closed door meeting with a small group of music business insiders to discuss rap music’s new direction. Little did I know that we would be asked to participate in one of the most unethical and destructive business practice I’ve ever seen...

R.A. the Rugged Man Reviews 'The Lucky One'

Bruce Lee Plays Ping-Pong With Nunchucks

April 8, 2012

Kanye's Swag Is Projecting Like A Missile

The best thing about this video is that you don't even have to be familiar with the Kanye song dudes talking about to enjoy it. I've never seen someone more stoked!

April 1, 2012

Fresh Prince In Paris

Can I Use Your Bathroom Shower?

"Aw hell nawwwwwwww!!!"

The people from Replyboard—a service that claims to eliminate Craigslist trouble—wanted "to make the point that you have no idea what will happen when you meet a complete stranger from Craigslist." So they went to visit four sellers with a hidden camera, like asking to use the bathroom and taking a shower.

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