February 29, 2012

Rubik's Cube Solved In Seconds

Marcell Endrey sets a new WCA world record for solving the Rubik's Cube blindfolded at the Zonhoven Open 2012 with an unbelievable time of 28.80 seconds...seconds!
Sorry if yours is still unfinished from '88.

Very Serious Karate Photo Shoots


Overtaken By Nature

By Benjamin Starr

Amazing Snow Art

Along the frozen lakes of Savoie, France, artist Simon Beck spends days plodding through the snow in snowshoes, creating these sensational patterns of snow art. Working for 5-9 hours a day, each final piece is typically the size of three soccer fields! The geometric forms range in mathematical patterns and shapes that create stunning, sometimes 3D, designs when viewed from higher levels.

How long these magnificent geometric forms survive is completely dependent on the weather. Beck designs and redesigns the patterns as new snow falls, sometimes unable to finish a piece due to significant overnight accumulations. Interestingly enough, he said, 'The main reason for making them was because I can no longer run properly due to problems with my feet, so plodding about on level snow is the least painful way of getting exercise. Gradually, the reason has become photographing them, and I am considering buying a better camera.” Spectacular art for the sake of exercise!

Go To Sleep

February 22, 2012

Google's Camera Glasses

Via Gizmodo
Google Goggles could soon become a set of physical goggles if murmurings from within the company are true. Could this be the death knell for smart phones?

According to a New York Times report, several unnamed Google employees have reiterated that these "Google glasses" will be hitting the market by the end of the year and will retail between $250-600. Purportedly under development at the Google X Labs, they're said to be Android-based (obviously), work on both 3G and 4G networks, and include a suite of sensory equipment.

According to reports from 9 to 5 Google, they'll likely resemble the Oakley Thumps. The glasses are also expected to include a built-in low-resolution camera that could be employed in object and location identification. This would allow the glasses to overlay pertinent information about your surroundings—though there's are a bevy of privacy implications to be hashed out with everybody wearing, and potentially recording, everyone around them. "You will be able to check in to locations with your friends through the glasses," one Google employee added.

On the software side, the glasses will reportedly work with a large number of Google's services—including the Google cloud, Latitude, Goggles, and Maps—while displaying the information in a Heads-Up Display.

Navigation will be unique, to say the least. According to 9 to 5 Google's Seth Weintraub, "The navigation system currently used is a head tilting to scroll and click. We are told it is very quick to learn and once the user is adept at navigation, it becomes second nature and almost indistinguishable to outside users."

The glasses are apparently not designed for constant wear.

So, I can take a picture of exactly what I can see? Hmmm.

LINK: Google To Sell Terminator Style Glasses By Years End

R.A. Discusses New Album

Hands down, his concert in Auckland was one of the best/worst I have ever witnessed.

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Aerial Trapeze Artist

Simply amazing

February 20, 2012

NBA Plays of the Week - 2012, Week Eight


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Mike Mondays: The Move

"The Move" as it has become known, is Michael Jordan at his absolute best. This play happened in the 4th quarter of Game 2 of the 1991 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. It was also Michael Jordan's 13th consecutive made basket of the night. But the best part of the clip are the reactions to "The Move" from Phil Jackson and Scott Williams.

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February 19, 2012

Dr Dre Mix

"Man, you been doin' all this dope producing" © MC Ren

Stereo Skifcha

And for those that are interested, here's the Facebook link.

Monkey Attacks Man. Sort Of.

Here's the back story:
This is at the cafe inside the Memphis Zoo. The manager of the cafe told me that the alpha male monkey noticed me the second I walked in the door and started going crazy, because, as the alpha male, he feels threatened by tall males. So she told me to go stand by the window and turn my back on him and that he would "attack" me.

Urban Paragliding

This is fuckin' great!

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Invisable Rollercoasters

February 17, 2012

Old Photos That Weren't Photoshopped

Making Ideas Happen

Shot Rob

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Some Of Your Favourite Scenes Were Improvised

The Hip Hop Years [documentary]

The Hip Hop Years is a 3-part series of one hour television documentaries made for Channel 4 in 1999. It charts the definitive story of Hip Hop, rising from the streets of the Bronx to become, what Upshal calls, "the new Rock'n'Roll". The programmes combine archive clips and performance from TV, movies and music videos with specially shot material and interviews with key players.

Contributors include Chuck D and Hank Shocklee from Public Enemy, Daryl McDaniel from Run DMC, Rza from The Wu Tang Clan, Ice-T, Eminem, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Ice Cube, Tom Silverman, Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, Fab Five Freddy, Afrika Bambaataa, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash and Kool DJ Herc.

Parts 2 & 3 (which focus more on the 90s) are after the jump.

Brother Ali – The Bite Marked Heart EP

DOWNLOAD: Brother Ali – The Bite Marked Heart EP

Danny Brown On Carson Daly

Above is a nice little piece on my favourite artist right now, Danny Brown. For a more in-depth write up, click here for the Complex interview.

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Vice Party Legend: Ken Jeong


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February 16, 2012

Whitney Was Sacrificed For Blue Ivy, Apparently.

Shot Jake

Vice asks the question: Was Whitney murdered? Their answer is yes, as a blood sacrifice for Jay-Z and Beyonce's baby girl, Blue Ivy, so that she could inherit Whitney's voice. Yep.
Below is a video detailing it. The full link to the article is below. They're reaching pretty hard for this.

LINK: Whitney Houston Was Killed So That Blue Ivy Carter Could Live 
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February 14, 2012

♥ Pimp Chamberlain - download ♥

Known for three scoring records:
1. NBA points in a career (since eclipsed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone)
2. NBA points in game (still intact at 100)
3. Women scored in a lifetime (20,000. Yep)

Wilt Pimp Chamberlain aka the black casanova puts the G-spot in Game.

This is the only music you need to be bumping this Valentine's Day. Enjoy. 

01. Rapin’ 4’tay – Players Club
02. Nas & AZ – Flyest
03. AZ – Sugar Hill
04. Stalley – Gentlemen’s Quarterly
05. Jay-Z – Can’t Knock The Hustle
06. Ras Kass – Understandable Smooth
07. The Notorious BIG – The World Is Filled ft. Puffy, Too Short
08. Kanye West – The Joy ft. Jay-Z, Kid Cudi
09. Big Pun – I’m Not A Player
10. Snoop Dogg – Doggy Dogg World ft. The Dogg Pound, The Dramatics
11. Snoop Dogg – Ain’t No Fun ft. Nate Dogg, Warren G, Kurupt
12. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Got Your Money
13. LL Cool J – Ill Bomb
14. LL Cool J – Doin’ It
15. Slick Rick – Adults Only
16. Ghostface Killah – Wildflower
17. Bravehearts – Oochie Wally
18. Mobb Deep – Backstage Pass

320 kbps | 185 MB | Fits onto a single CD

DOWNLOAD:  Pimp Chamberlain 

February 5, 2012

NHL Player Gets His Throat Slit

I just stumbled across this brutal video of Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk having his neck slashed by an opponent's skate. It slices open his carotid artery and brings him within minutes of his own death.

The trainer who rushes out to the goalie basically saves the goalies life by jamming a towel into the cut, and pinching the artery shut. The hole in his neck was so big that the trainers fist fit in it. The goalie survived with several hundred stitches and now sports a scar from just behind his right ear, down to the front of his windpipe.

Thank god they didn't have HD TVs back in 1989.

LINK: An Interview With Clink Malarchuk: "I’m Walking Around With A Bullet In My Head And A Scar On My Neck"

Supreme Clientele vs Ironman

Sean P breaks down why Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele album was superior to his Ironman album.

LINK: Supreme Clientele vs Ironman

MC Battle: Student vs His School Teacher

17-year-old Blizzard gets right in his English Teacher’s face, before taking the beating of a lifetime. Skip to 1:30 for the start of the battle. Mr Grist is a beast.

Breaking Bad: The 16-Bit Video Game Version

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February 3, 2012

Urban Skiing

Shot Rob

Above is a very well put together video showing amazing footage of a guy skiing around the 'burbs. And you thought skiing was for suckers. The good stuff happens from about the 2 minute mark.

February 1, 2012

Tough Lady Takes A Hit

Nah, nah, I'm good. Just let me get my groceries real quick. Brush off my shoulders and keep it moving.

Eastbound And Down Season 3 Trailer


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Sheep Cyclone

*This was not filmed in New Zealand.

Oddly Amazing

 This is so fucking weird, or Driew Gnikcuf. This little girls "skill" is pronouncing words people say to her backwards, straight away. It's safe to assume she dyes her hair.

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