February 5, 2012

NHL Player Gets His Throat Slit

I just stumbled across this brutal video of Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk having his neck slashed by an opponent's skate. It slices open his carotid artery and brings him within minutes of his own death.

The trainer who rushes out to the goalie basically saves the goalies life by jamming a towel into the cut, and pinching the artery shut. The hole in his neck was so big that the trainers fist fit in it. The goalie survived with several hundred stitches and now sports a scar from just behind his right ear, down to the front of his windpipe.

Thank god they didn't have HD TVs back in 1989.

LINK: An Interview With Clink Malarchuk: "I’m Walking Around With A Bullet In My Head And A Scar On My Neck"

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