April 27, 2015

L.A.'s Best Tattoos Are Done By One Man

First-timers and ink-addicts alike have caught the fever for Brian Woo's intricate, fine-line, single-needle-style pieces. So much so that when you finally slide into his chair at Shamrock Social Club on the Sunset Strip, chances are you'll be sandwiched between superfans who discovered Woo's work on Instagram and his celeb devotees. Yep, we're talking about stars like Drake (now sporting a rad mini portrait of his dad courtesy of Woo) and Cara Delevingne (whose side ribs recently received a proper, tiny coat of arms from the artist). Looking through the pics, it's pretty easy to see why there's a six month waiting list to get some ink etched into your body by the man they call "Dr. Woo".

Pinch from Refinery29

See more of his work here.

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