October 20, 2013

1993 Hip Hop - download

1993 was the year I started high school, stop growing, wore over-sized clothes from Harlem Vintage, lived by everything written in The Source and dubbed CDs bought from Marbecks and Sounds (to return for another CD, and so the cycle continued) to bump in my twin tape deck Sony stereo. Those were the days of clearasil, paper drivers licensees and fucking dope golden era rap music that is still dope 20 years on, today.

Stream the tracks or hit the download link below.

01. A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour
02. A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God
03. De La Soul – Ego Trippin (Part II)
04. De La Soul – Breakadawn
05. Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
06. Ice Cube – Check Yourself
07. Dr. Dre – Nuttin' But A G' Thang ft. Snoop Dogg
08. Snoop Dogg – Tha Shiznit
09. Snoop Dogg – Gin And Juice
10. Wu-Tang Clan – Shame On A Nigga
11. Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck [Bloody Version]
12. KRS-One – Sound Of The Police
13. Onyx – Slam
14. M.O.P. – How About Some Hardcore
15. Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean
16. Redman – Tonight's Da Night
17. Lords of the Underground – Chief Rocka
18. LL Cool J – Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag
19. Casual – I Didn't Mean To
20. 2Pac – I Get Around ft. Digital Underground
21. MC Breed – Gotta Get Mine ft. 2Pac
22. Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
23. Tha Alkaholiks – Only When I'm Drunk
24. Black Moon – Who Got The Props
25. Souls Of Mischief – 93 'till Infinity


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