December 9, 2012

Dumb Prisoner Gets Stuck In His Own Escape Hole

Andy Dufresne he is not. Apparently this guy, and three other inmates tried to escape through a hole made on their cell's wall using a metal pipe from the Brazilian prison's shower block. Unfortunately for them, they were as smart as a bag of hammers: the hole was too small and the second prisoner got stuck, keeping the others inside.

Incapable of moving in or out, the police caught him in the act. According to the news report, after badly injuring himself trying to pass through the hole repeatedly, the prisoner realized it was an impossible proposition. That's when he began to scream and cry for help. At that moment, the guards came in and discovered the surrealistic scene. They even took photos of him as they waited for the fire department.

According to prison officials, this convict escaped last year too. That time he was captured on the same day. Here's hoping third time is a charm.

Via Gizmodo

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