January 18, 2012

10 Years After Ether

Documenting the COMPLETE Nas Vs. Jay-Z Battle

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Ten years ago this month, Nas established the gold standard for diss records with “Ether,” the ultimate punctuation to the greatest Hip-Hop battle of all time. In today’s era of Twitter beefs, rap stars like Drake seem more willing to diss Kevin Hart on wax than they are to respond to shots fired by Ludacris. At times, it can be easy to forget what a real Hip-Hop battle looks like. “Ether” was an effort so devastating in its execution that the name itself simultaneously became a verb immediately upon its release. No one ever claims to have “Bridge is Overed” somebody or spit “Jack the Ripper” at an adversary. Nor has any rapper boasted about being “Takeover” or “Long Kiss Goodnight” than their competition. This distinction belongs to “Ether” alone.

One of the many reasons “Ether” remains so iconic is the mythology that surrounds it. As epic as the Nas vs. Jay-Z battle remains, very little has been accurately reported about exactly what led to their historic clash and the “Ether” atomic bomb that ended it in Hiroshima fashion. The following is a comprehensive look at the “Ether” timeline and everything on wax that led to its inception.

LINK: 10 Years After Ether: The Complete History of Nas vs. Jay-Z

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