July 31, 2011

Just Sayin'

Best of Street Art 2010

Average Faces From Around The World

Some dude took thousands upon thousands of images of everyday people from various countries then used some software to layer them over the top of each other to produce an 'average' look of each nation. The results are pretty, pretty, pretty, good amazing.

Arty Bullshit Generator

This is what it gave me:
My work explores the relationship between emerging sexualities and urban spaces.
With influences as diverse as Blake and Francis Bacon, new synergies are generated from both simple and complex meanings.
Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the theoretical limits of relationships. What starts out as hope soon becomes corrupted into a dialectic of temptation, leaving only a sense of decadence and the inevitability of a new synthesis.
As shifting forms become frozen through boundaried and personal practice, the viewer is left with an impression of the possibilities of our era.

LINK: Arty Bollocks Generator

Fresh Prince Road Trip

Washed Up Hipster

PREVIOUS: Hipster Trap

Time Out In Greece

Toilet paper rolls. Sure.

I Want To Believe It's Real

A Computer For Girls

Well This Is Messed Up

But not as messed up as ---> this <---

July 28, 2011

Muslim Norway Bombing

"Today the paper say Timothy McVeigh's in hell
So everything's okay and all must be well
I remember Oklahoma when they put out the blaze
And put Islamic terrorist bombing, on the front page"
- Talib Kweli, The Proud

Below is a related video documenting the way Arabs have been vilified in Hollywood films throughout the years. Reel Bad Arabs.

July 26, 2011

Man Turns Head 180 Degrees

Watch through fingers with O-face.

Sick Cup


Lady Gets Excited By Rainbow Sponge

Shot Steve

Fuck The Bomb, Just Tell Us How Much You Can Bench Bro.

White kiwi with a bone carving uses his 4 minutes of fame to explain to people how much he can lift. Naturally he finishes his set after the bomb goes off.

To quote Kanye West - "I think it's time for us to have a toast"

Scott Cann Rap

Years before Scott Caan would become the pompous character Scott Lavin on Entourage and playing Danno on Hawai’i 5-0, he was a rapper affiliated with Cypress Hill. Yep. He called himself Mad Skillz. Yep. And even buzzier, he rapped with fellow emcee Mudfoot, who years later would come to be known to us as Alchemist. Together they were known as The Whooliganz, and were pretty much the white Kris Kross of their time (listen for the Kris Kross subliminal in the opening of Hit The Deck). The Whooliganz run was in the early 90s, when Cypress and Soul Assassins were at their peak. Although they never officially put out a full length LP, they did drop some singles that were pretty big in the underground scene. See below.

The Whooliganz - Put Your Handz Up

The Whooliganz - Whooliganz ft. B-Real

The Whooliganz - Hit the Deck ft. Everlast

Stolen from 2dopeboyz. Shot.

July 25, 2011

Entourage Season 8 - Episode 1

Click Play, then click Play again.
Alternative link if above video dies.

And here's the season 2 trailer of the New York Entourage How To Make It In America.

July 24, 2011

She Walks Away, The Sun Goes Down...

RIP Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011)

In my mind Amy Winehouse's Back To Black album was the last perfect/classic album to be released, and that was back in 2006! The six years which followed saw her in and out of rehab, flashing the paparazzi and butchering her songs on stage. Very, very sad. To quote Robert De Niro in The Bronx Tale, "the saddest thing in life is wasted talent."

On a side note, how dope would this have been: ?uestlove and Amy Winehouse group

July 21, 2011

A Tribe Called Quest In NZ

The Tribe documentry Beats, Rhymes and Life is playing at the NZ Film Festival this afternoon and Saturday. Tickets are (amazingly) still available.

Beats, Rhymes and Life: Travels of A Tribe Called Quest
Sky City Theatre
Today at 4.15pm & Saturday at 6.45pm
Tickets $15.50 w/ $5 booking fee, from Ticketek.

Shot Cam

July 19, 2011

Watch The Throne

Listening session links. Critics ride the dicks of Jay and Kanye, here, here, and here.

Artwork above, tracklist below, first single even further lower:

01 - No Church In The Wild f. Frank Ocean (prod. Kanye West, Mike Dean & Ken Lewis)
02 - Lift Off f. Beyoncé (prod. Kanye West, Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker, Q-Tip & Don Jazzy)
03 - Niggas In Paris (prod. Hit-Boy)
04 - Otis f. Otis Redding (prod. Kanye West)
05 - Gotta Have It (prod. The Neptunes)
06 - New Day (prod. The RZA)
07 - That’s My Bitch (prod. Q-Tip & Kanye West)
08 - Who Gon’ Stop Me (prod. Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph & Kanye West)
09 - Murder To Excellence (prod. Swizz Beatz & Symbolyc One)
10 - Welcome To The Jungle (prod. Swizz Beatz)
11 - Made In America f. Frank Ocean (prod. Sham “Sak Pase” Joseph)
12 - Why I Love You f. Mr Hudson (prod. Mike Dean & Kanye West)
13 - Illest Motherfucker Alive (prod. Southside & Kanye West) *
14 - H.A.M (prod. Lex Luger & Kanye West) *^
15 - Primetime (prod. No I.D.) *
16 - The Joy f. Curtis Mayfield (prod. Pete Rock & Kanye West) *
* - Bonus Tracks
*^ - Overrated song

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis

We Major Over Bitter Sweet Symphony

I usually don't mess with mash-ups, but this isn't half bad.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West ft. Nas - We Major/Bitter Sweet Symphony Mash-Up

By DJ White Lotus, stolen from Earmilk

July 17, 2011

Bulgarian Street Art

Surfboard Applies Make-Up

They’re Called Bagelheads, And They’re From Japan.


Dave Chappelle Got Swole

That dieting advice from Dr Dre did the trick then.

Ghostface Round-Up

DOWNLOAD: Ghostface Killah - Laced Cheeba ft. Sean Price, Trife | Ghostface Killah - Meteor Hammer ft. The White Ghostface KillahAction Bronson, Termanology

DOWNLOAD: DoomStarks - Victory Laps [Madvillainz Remix]

DOWNLOAD: Ghostfunk [single link for all songs]

Common - Ghetto Dreams ft. Nas

Had this on repeat for 5 weeks in Europe.

DOWNLOAD: Common - Ghetto Dreams ft. Nas [prod. No ID]

Black & White

Raps by Black Milk. Beats by Jack White.

DOWNLOAD: Black Milk & Jack White - Brain | Black Milk & Jack White - Royal Mega

Apathy - Honky Kong Promos

Album in stores August 23.

DOWNLOAD: Apathy - Word To The 23rd | Apathy - Check To Check [prod. Evidence]
PREVIOUS: Apathy - East Coast Rapist

Nardwuar vs Mac Miller

Nardwuar has a way of making you enjoy people you dislike. How about that.

PREVIOUS: Nadwuar vs. Odd Future / Pharrell / Drake / Curren$y