July 26, 2011

Scott Cann Rap

Years before Scott Caan would become the pompous character Scott Lavin on Entourage and playing Danno on Hawai’i 5-0, he was a rapper affiliated with Cypress Hill. Yep. He called himself Mad Skillz. Yep. And even buzzier, he rapped with fellow emcee Mudfoot, who years later would come to be known to us as Alchemist. Together they were known as The Whooliganz, and were pretty much the white Kris Kross of their time (listen for the Kris Kross subliminal in the opening of Hit The Deck). The Whooliganz run was in the early 90s, when Cypress and Soul Assassins were at their peak. Although they never officially put out a full length LP, they did drop some singles that were pretty big in the underground scene. See below.

The Whooliganz - Put Your Handz Up

The Whooliganz - Whooliganz ft. B-Real

The Whooliganz - Hit the Deck ft. Everlast

Stolen from 2dopeboyz. Shot.

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