December 24, 2011

12 Predictions For The NBA Season

LINK: 12 Predictions For The NBA Season


#1 Kobe Byrant Will Demand A Trade By Season's End

#2 Eric Gordon, John Wall, James Harden, Stephen Curry & Jrue Holiday Will Be All-Stars

#3 TSS Will Write At Least 10 "CP3 To Blake/DeAndre Jordan" Posts

#4 Knicks Predictions: Regret Waiving Chauncey, Chandler No Big Help To Defense, D'Antoni Fired, Phil Returns To NY

#5 The Memphis Grizzles Will Travel Even Further Into The Playoffs

#6 Miami Will Lose Again

#7 The Golden State Warriors & Indiana Pacers Will Surprise People

#8 The Portland Trailblazers Finally Advance Past The First Round

#9 Tom Thibodeau Will Run Derrick Rose Ragged...Again

#10 This Is The Year The Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook Combo Finally Works

#11 The Magic Will Stink And Dwight Howard Will Be Traded

#12 LeBron James Takes Home The MVP Sweep *cough*

...#13 is the Mavs go back-to-back. That's right.

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