September 27, 2011

The Softest Niggas In Hip Hop

Ayo whattup its ya boy P-Tone aka Thor Molecules aka Volcano Hands aka Cocaine Biceps namsayin. Ya boy is back in the building once again. Yall already kno what it is son. Its that time a year where we honor the softest muthafuckas in the game...the niggas thats so light in the ass that if you kick them they probably float into outer space namsayin. These the muthafuckas that could jus cut the tip of they fingers to pour syrup on ya pancakes for you. These the niggas we recognizin today son. Word is bond yo. You could scratch these niggas witta cotton ball b. Straight up.

Via the always entertaining Big Ghostface

LINK: The 4th Annual 10 Softest Niggas In The Game

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