January 20, 2011

Ghostface Comments

This is the best thing to happen in 2011 (so far). Someone has decided to dominate the comment boards over at 2dopeboyz and write posts as if it were Ghostface himself. And. It. Is. Fuckin'. Hilarious. It's actually amazing how good this dude/chick is at imitating him... Here's an example of him commenting on a post about Dr Dre's Detox album:

Ayo whattup internet niggas its that nigga Ghost Deini aka Big Tone Soprano namsayin. Ayo this nigga Dre a legend in the game n alla that namsayin. N yall already know he respect the Clan n shit too nahmeans. Word yo. Ayo a nigga just eatin his tortellinis n shit jus doin his thing n alla that when that nigga Alvin hit the god on his jack n told me the Detox joint was actually comin n shit. N yo the god be lovin that nigga Dre albums as much as the next nigga namsayin but yo…the nigga need better titles on his joints n shit nahmeans. Ayo pardon that cos I aint tryna step on the nigga toes n shit. But yo a light bulb just went off in a nigga head nahmeans n yo I seen that shit in a vision nahmeans. So I gets my peoples to get in touch wit Dre peoples so the god could propose a nigga ideas to that nigga Dre so on n so forth namsayin. We arrange a sit down at Interscope offices n shit n word the shit was on niggas. We fly out namsayin. N yo we walks into the board room n alla that. Dre up in there along wit Jimmy Iovine n a couple other snow niggas namsayin. So yo the god makes his opening statements n shit n address the ladies n gentlemen of the board namsayin. A nigga puttin on a professional demeanor n shit. A nigga usin lots a hand gestures to emphasize my points n shit n keep they attentions n shit nahmeans. Word. So I put together a list of 20 song titles for Dre to go through n use at his discretions n shit nahmeans. Ayo this is priveleged info n shit nahmeans. These Interscope legal department muthafuckas had the god signing waivers n confidentiality agreements n shit nahmeans. Word yo this some classified shit my niggas. Word yo the god took a oath n shit to not speak on the project in any shapes or forms whatsoever nahmeans. So I figures aight then a nigga wont really talk to nobody n shit but Imma let a couple my internet niggas know on the low tho. So keep this shit to yall selves. These the titles of the 20 or so joints thats pending the nigga Dre approvals n shit. Ayo the god also advised that nigga to keep features down to a minimum n shit namsayin. But yalls already know theres certain niggas that gotta be on that nigga Dre joints. So without further ados peep the shit. Boom.
1. Lavender Pajamas Intro (feat. Ghostface)
2. Golden Panda Fury (feat. Eminem & 50 Cent)
3 The Mighty Swordz of D.R.E. (feat. Ghostface)
4. Porcupine Hurricanes (feat. Snoop Dogg & U-God)
5. Cinnamon Stallion Heart (feat. Ghostface & Raekwon)
6. Shadow Baboons (feat. D-Block & Wu-Tang Clan)
7. Slap A Horse (Ghostface Solo Joint)
8. Watermelon Darts (feat. Method Man, GZA, RZA & Masta Killa)
9. Algebra Coke Diagram (feat. Ice Cube, Cappadonna & Inspectah Deck)
10. Leather Unicorns (feat. Ghostface)
11. We Eat Whole Trees Niggaz (feat. Ghostface)
12. Slap Boxin Wit Gandhi (feat. Theodore Unit & Sun God)
13. African Wizards (feat. Wu Tang Clan)
14. Ayo Whattup (feat. Ghostface)
15. Ghostface Meets Dre (feat. Ghostface)
16. Kill Yallz (feat. Paula Abdul)
17. We Gon Eat Ya Heart Nahmeans (Ghostface Interlude)
18. Ravioli Nigga Cartel (feat. Ghostface)
19. Imma Fuck Ya Broads (feat. Ghostface)
20. Waltz Of A Thousand Midgets (Ghostface Outro)
Ayo yalls mighta already noticed but the god threw in a couple ideas for features n shit. Ayo a nigga really hope this shit gon happen cos that nigga Dre looked at a nigga real real serious like he was thinkin bout that shit while a nigga was talkin. Nigga just kept wrinklin his forehead n squinting like he was tryin to see the gods power point presentation better n shit. The nigga Dre just kept lookin at Jimmy Iovine like listen to this nigga. Like he was thinkin this nigga makin some brilliant points n shit. Word. So yo this shit is prolly bout 90% done n shit. Niggas just gotta wait on paperwork n for that ink to dry namsayin. Word.
Aight Peace.

If you can't be bothered searching through the comment boards for BIG GHOSTFACE at 2dopeboyz, there's a mirror site with all the posts. See link below.


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