September 20, 2013

Evidence's (Small) Vinyl Collection

.5 of Dilated Peoples features on the latest installment of Crate Diggers.

On a related note, below is Ev's 10 Track Commandments, via Scratch Magazine Aug '06.

- If you’re sampling vinyl always do a super low cut to eliminate the rumble form the needle. This allows you to eventually turn the sample up louder.
- When sampling, get a loud signal into your MPC. The louder you sample in, the less gaining you will have to do later, but don’t distort your sample.
- Don’t rely on looking at the wave samples to truncate. Close your eyes and use your ears. When you think you’ve done your best then take a peak at the waves and see how close you were.
- Use as little effects as possible. You can always add more later when you mix. The more reverb you use, the less it slaps you in the face.
- When programming drums don’t rely on quantizing. If something feels more natural a little offbeat, chances are it is.
- Don’t be afraid to sample at a lower sample rate. This can color your track and give an amazing feel.
- Step editing allows you to nudge any instrument without having to go back and tape it in by hitting the pads.
- Time stretching allows you to change the tempo of the sample or drum without changing the pitch.
- Make sure your drums are locked in the way you want them before you start making a bunch of sequences.
- If you do all these steps you will have a good sound coming straight out of two tracks. When you mix, make sure your engineer has heard what it sounds like coming straight out of your box.

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