August 21, 2014

Single Brush Stroke Dragon Paintings

These Dragons with one stroke paintings are known as 'Hitofude Ryuu', and originate from a small studio called Kousyuuya in Nikko, Japan. The studio has seen four generations of master painters who have been creating these stylized dragons for decades. The process involves carefully painting an ornate dragon head with various flourishes, and then finishing the piece using a giant sumi brush in a carefully orchestrated stroke. The process has much in common with both ink wash painting and calligraphy, and similar to letterforms, the images are often repeated. Ha-mazing.

Pinched from TIC

August 19, 2014

Face Mapping

This short little video features real-time projection mapping on a Japanese models face. Holy.
Shot Alex

August 13, 2014

Action Bronson - Ill Prosciutto [download]

Third and final installment of the Action Bronson mixtapes.


DOWNLOAD: Action Bronson - Ill Prosciutto  |  Alt. Link __________________________________________________________

01 - Easy Rider
02 - Tequila / Pepe Lopez
03 - 09.24.13
04 - Twin Peugots ft. Big Body Bes, Mac Miller
05 - Your Honor ft. Fat Joe
06 - Velvet Cape ft. Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren
07 - Main Event ft. Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino, Rasheed Chappell
08 - Hookers (VIP Remix)
09 - It Concerns Me
10 - Consensual Rape
11 - In The City ft. Jeff Woods
12 - East Bound And Down
13 - T.K.O.
14 - All I Got ft. Styles P, Easy Money
15 - Take My Turn ft. Termanology, Jared Evan
16 - Sincerely Antique
17 - 456 ft. Roc Marciano
18 - Red Dot Music ft. Mac Miller
19 - Get Off My PP (Cookin Soul Remix)
20 - Amadu Diablo

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August 6, 2014

Barefoot Skiing Is A Thing

But more importantly, a guy is doing PUSH UPS ON WATER around the 2.18 mark.

Cocao Bean Farmers Taste Chocolate For The First Time

This is what happens when cocao farmers from the Ivory Coast see and taste one of the end products made from their beans.

August 2, 2014

Guilty Simpson - Detroit's Very Own [download]

Guilty Simpson mixtape.

Prep for his gig at Ponsonby Social Club.

DOWNLOAD: Guilty Simpson - Detroit's Very Own | Alt. Link

01 - The Easiest Way
02 - Reputation
03 - OJ Simpson (prod Madlib)
04 - Coroner's Music (prod Madlib)
05 - Make It Fast (prod J Dilla)
06 - Serious Life (prod J Dilla)
07 - Stress (prod J Dilla)
08 - Baby (prod J Dilla)
09 - Jungle Love (prod J Dilla)
10 - Strapped ft. J Dilla
11 - Hood Sentence (prod Madlib)
12 - Sound The Alarm ft. Black Milk
13 - The Hex ft. Sean Price, Black Milk
14 - Mic Check 313 [live]
15 - Back On The Road [live]
16 - Nightmare ft. Phat Kat [live]
17 - Get Riches [live]
18 - Man's World
19 - Change
20 - Truth Be Told
21 - Random Call ft. Sean Price, Black Milk
22 - Everybody Nobody Somebody ft. Sean Price, Black Milk
23 - Take Notice ft. J Dilla

July 26, 2014

Mike Tyson Has His Own Cartoon

Iron Mike is taking the fight to the streets in his very own animated comedy series. Aided with the Mike Tyson Mystery Team - the Ghost of the Marquess of Queensbury, Mike's adopted Korean daughter, and a pigeon who was once a man - Mike will answer any plea sent to him via pigeon mail.

It's basically a black version of Scooby Doo.