December 7, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas

Nothing says Merry Xmas from hip hop like a fake gold rope chain. And because it's fake, you won't need to tuck it in like DJ Pooh.

GET IT FOR XMAS: Gold Rope Chain

A book about a washed up rapper. Read more about the read here.

GET IT FOR XMAS: J-Zone - Root For The Villain 

Nice little (literally) take on the deer head your uncle has in his home office. Colour the nose in and call it Rudolf.

GET IT FOR XMAS: Taxidermy Deer made from LEGO


Sticking with the Christmas theme. How about a Big Baby Jesus figurine?

GET IT FOR XMAS: Ol' Dirty Bastard Jesus Action Figure

It's a digital camera that lets you take a picture then adjust the focus later. Amaze.

GET IT FOR XMAS: Lytro Camera

Get it poppin' everyday with a 2012 bubble pop calendar.

GET IT FOR XMAS: Bubble Pop Calendar

Something for the girls.

GET IT FOR XMAS: Mirrorbook Air


Something for the girl guys

GET IT FOR XMAS: Kulma Corners

And if all else fails just pop a pill, from Dana Wyse.

GET IT FOR XMAS: Dana Wyse Pills

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